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hmmmmm…mizz u already ^^

just the other day,I thought I’m not gonna see u just because they told me u haven’t visited the other day.kinda broke down my spirit,though.coz i was hoping that we’d meet again after a couple of days of not seeing each other.sure,we spoke on the phone.but that’s just not enough…

then,…a divine intervention (at least,for my part^^)…

you see, that kid’s dying.i can’t handle the pressure myself.you had to come down & see for yourself…& the moment you came in,there’s this feeling of safe & total comfort just by standing beside you.of course,there’s also the feel of joyful happiness,but that’s not the only thing I’m searching for…

exactly what am I looking for in a future husband?…hmmm,let me think…

1. must be a good/nice person.

2. share the same beliefs.

3. understanding.

4. caring .

5. smart (much smarter than me,that is ;).

6. preferably older than me…& maybe much wiser,too.

7. faithful & devoted to his family first, then his work.

8. reliable, someone I can count on at times when needed.

9. good sense of responsibility.

10. someone who can support my goals & dreams, constantly.

11. independent (but not to me..I luv it when u depend on me^^)

12. fun to be with, maybe a bit adventurous…it would be nice once in awhile ;p

13. someone who can make me feel safe & give me comfort at times.

14. …and last but not least,…rich & good-looking ^^ (this is a plus factor.after all,I am still a mere human 🙂

..well now that’s out, let’s see if u fit in my criteria… 🙂

1. everyone agreed about that.

2. THANK GOD, we’re on the same route …u don’t know what it felt like when I discovered that at least we’re on the same page about this one :).

3.so far, it looks like that,but dunno for sure yet…

4. I know for sure u cared for those people you treat …usually for their financial problems,ha3x 😛

5. ok, i give up on this one.ur always pushing me to my limits almost every time (…not that I’m complaining or anything.it’s just that it makes me feel so dumb at times..but then again, I tried to see it as an opportunity to improve myself & kept it in my mind…over & over, & over, & over…).

6. no doubt about that…but wiser? hmmm,maybe sometimes when ur in the ‘mood’…

7. haven’t got the chance to go over that yet…maybe in time,if u let me 🙂

8. I can always count on your help… in the line of work, anyways,for now..;)

9. very responsible in every thing you did…that’s a big plus from me 🙂

10. …since we’re not on ‘that’ level, so I guess I can’t really tell yet.

11. it seems to me.if not,why else do u wanna stay far away from your family comfort for a long time?

12. slowly but surely,I get to know this side of u. it’s fun 😉

13. It kinda felt like that when I’m with u…I still feel a bit strange,but it’s true.I can’t help it ^^

14. ha3x, no comment on this one..but as far as I’m concerned, since that day I claimed myself in luv with u, ur’s is the only one I’m dreaming of having a life together in the future…could this be possible for us???

…only GOD knows… 🙂