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..tuh kan..jd heboh ”dunia persilatan”..kualat sh nyuekin gw,huehehehehe..lagian,bikin gw BT aj…well, actually,not really like that…
when I was on tour of duty (day 3 to be exact),got stuck w/ a very sick newborn baby.@first i thought,”plz God,let it not be the devil’s kid”. 2 my relief,it wasn’t hers.*phew*..after got past that, I thought again,is he goin’ 2b in charge of the kid?gosh,I sure hope so,hi3x ^_^ but I know so anyways,coz he’s the one nearest to the place.
..anyways..as I entered, I saw her still bagging that baby.she was nice @ the moment after I greeted her.since I don’t know what 2 do,so I just paid attention 2 what she was doing,giving orders & all.@ that moment, I thought, hmmm, this could be a good opportunity for me to learn about newborns, seeing that so far I’ve always ‘neglected’ that part (..which is not good for my future if I still choose to be a pediatrician next year, uh-huh).so I paid extra attention 2 what she was instructing @ that time.
…about 10 minutes after that, he came up. I was happy 2 c him again,but..don’t think the feeling’s mutual 😦 as soon as he came in,he quickly turned his full attention to her, which in my case, it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. it’s just plain normal coz she’s in charge of that baby & he’s just doing his job, while I’m just like a by-stander. she’s the main course & I’m just the side-dish,hix3x T_T
..kinda hate that feeling of being neglected. but as I said b4, I’m just the side-dish…oops..is there a jealousy tone that I detected here?? hmmm, could be ;P ..it should be normal right?? w/ my condition & all =P
..anyways..I quickly tried 2 get back in shape & start paying attention 2 what they were discussing about coz’ I know that night I might not get any sleep @ all seeing that baby’s condition, not 2 mention that she was the doctor in charge..him?? well, I thought he wouldn’t give any big fuss about it. he’ll just go along with whatever she said,except if there’s any emergency.
..not long after that,her ‘other-half’ came in tagging along. I dunno if it’s just my feeling, but I’m almost pretty sure that he was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation.the ‘big-guy’ had an aura of over-protective whenever he was around her. he was quickly token back after he came in. at least that’s how I felt about it. somehow it made me a bit relief.coz I know he wouldn’t dare 2 interveen when he’s around. so slicky of me,hi3x >.< the 'big-guy' asked her to have a late lunch first after this. I tried to get into their relaxing conversation by saying that @ that hour it's called brunch time.of course,they all laughed (that's what I intended 2 anyway,2 break the ice.. LOL). what seems 2 amaze me (a little bit..or proud??) is that he understands what I meant, eventhough he once said that his vocabulary is 'restricted', ha3x ^^
..a few minutes later,I got a call from upstairs which needed my assisstance.so I exit politely & went there.just a few minutes later, I went downstairs again & only saw him with 2 other nurses. he'd just put some pack on the baby & was still monitoring him.he asked about something (asking 2 himself more likely) regarding a baby's vent.that was the 1st time I saw him opening his big book & unsuccessfully found nothing that forced him to asked about it to his friend..hmmm,well, so much 4 mr. know-it-all 😛 he even manage to 2 jump happily like a kid himself after he succeeded @ whatever he did b4, which I thought was cute btw ^_^ LOL
…but that doesn't mean I'd 4gotten how I felt a few minutes earlier. which is weird coz it really bothered me 4 the rest of the day.


..had an interesting day a few days ago @ work..about an hour after I arrived, got a call from a Br. telling me that there’s a new patient in high-care.so I got there as soon as I can.after checking on the patient & consulting it to the doc in charge, I started writing on the MR as usual..not long after that, he came in. I was surprise 2 c him again.didn’t thought that he’ll still be around @ that hour.actually,it’s not strange @ all, coz I expected that he’ll also be notified ’bout the patient…
..& still, I felt surprised, happy, excited, all @ the same time =) u don’t know how much I missed him these past few weeks, even though I tried to get over it by saying that it’s not that important. the fact is..don’t wanna admit this, but… he is important. 2 me, @ this moment anyways. strange thing is..I didn’t need to feel overwhelming whenever I’m around him.I just felt at ease.how good of an actress am I, huh?able to hide my feelings like that. although my friends did mention that I had to give him some hints.
well, I did tried to give him some hints in our past encounters.and yesterday, I should’ve give him another one.
…after he saw me, he asked why I haven’t been gone to work lately.from where I sat, maybe..just maybe..I saw that there’s a little something in his eyes, that’s like saying,”I missed u. where have u been?” ^^ of course, that’s all in my imagination. but I sure hope not 😉 instead of saying what I’ve been rehearsing for a few times before, I just said that I did came 2 work & he just happens to miss me when I was in. while I should’ve told him this, “why? missing me already?”. jiaaahhh…that’s what I was planning 2 say to him whenever the opportunity came up ^_^ guess I’d better look 4 another opportunity then ;P
..anyways, after that he was back on his chatty-self, asking ’bout the patient’s condition & all, & we’re back 2 our professional self. no chance for me being flirty @ the time, coz my cell kept ringing a few times from the NS upstairs,telling me that there’s a new patient needed to be attend to. I sooooo hate that!! always interrupting @ the wrong moment =( so, our meeting was just cut short for about 10-15 minutes tops…& I’m not yet satisfied, hix3x T-T …but then I just tried to savior the moment.
…although, I could swear that his expression looks as if it were missing me ^^ ..ha8x, now I’m getting delusional..well,that’s luv 4 u. everything just look wonderful in the eyes of ur beloved. nothing could go wrong. even though maybe he’s just tired or something.couldn’t blame myself, right? just couldn’t help it ^^
..but above all, it looks like that it’s getting along as I hoped for ^^ & why is that u say? well, he’s the first one asking where I’ve been lately. meaning?? that he noticed that he missed me…kyaaaa ^_^ … look whose missing who 😉
may God bless me with answering my prayers all this time b4 this new year…Amin.. nitey-nite y’all =)