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Kuingin agar setiap perjumpaanku dengan mu menjadi sebuah perjumpaan manis,hiasi selalu dengan senyuman tulusmu karena senyummu adalah bahagiaku do’amu adalah sebuah keridhoan bagiku.

Bertuturkatalah yang lembut padaku ketika kau hendak sampaikan sesuatu
… agar ku mudah mencerna apa maksudmu perhatikanku pula ketika ku ingin berbagi denganmu mendengarkan ucapan atau ceritanku.
Karena bagiku itu adalah sebuah penghargaan.
Ya Allah, jika dia benar jodoh hamba maka dekatkanlah sedekat mungkin sehingga hamba bisa DIKHITBAH olehnya.

Jika dia bukan jodoh hamba maka jauhkanlah dan hapuslah rasa cinta ini yang ada di hati, dan berilah hamba pengganti yang terbaik dari dirinya. Hamba tidak ingin ada air mata yang menetes di pipi hanya karena cinta…
… Andai aku salah
Tegurlah aku dengan kata-katamu
yang penuh dengan kelembutan dan kebijaksanaan
… Andai aku marah
Belailah rambutku dengan penuh kasih sayangmu
Agar marahku bisa berubah menjadi kelembutan
… Andai aku lupa
Ingatkanlah aku dengan penuh kasih sayang
Agar nanti kau tetap menjadi suri tauladan bagiku dan anak kita


a couple of days ago,as I finished assisting a birth in the OR,he mentioned something that kinda tickled me up ’til this moment.u c,we were just talking about how much fun we had @ hk coz they have a lot of entertaining events yearly/monthly.what I wanna tell u is that he brought up about the time when we were being ‘neighbours’ @ a resort a few months ago in Garut again.why again,u asked?that’s coz actually he already mentioned it to my friend ’bout how we became neighbours in the 1st place & my friend told me about it instantly that day ^^..what tickles me is that he was trying pretty hard to look as though he brought up the conversation about it unpredictably.he said,”it’s fun going out with a lot of ppl once in a while.remember the last time we had a gathering a few months back?did u came also?”. I was like,”of course I did.I don’t wanna miss things like that happening”.then he said,”oh yeah,that’s right!you were beside me that day,weren’t you?”.he looked @ me & gave a flirtatious smile while waiting for my reactionI know,my first reaction should be that my face would go red or something like that.but what did I do instead?I went blank,literally!I mean really,really blank.for a moment there I can’t help but wonder,”when have I ever been next 2 u at that time?I didn’t sat beside u in ur car,or any other thing..& then it hit me!!oh,what he meant was the time when our rooms are beside each other!OMG,is he flirting w/ me?as soon as I noticed it,I smiled back at him & said,”oh,come on!ur just pretending u’ve 4gotten all about itaren’t you?how could u 4get something like that so easily?”.I was trying 2 tease him back by saying something like,”how come u didn’t came that night?u know,I didn’t lock the front door 4 u” hi3x.. 😉 but then someone came into the lounge & we stop talking about it..correction,’flirting’ back & forth about it,ha8x.. 😀 OMG,now I’m beginning 2 wonder did he really mean what he meant that day 2 my friend?am I already 2 late?who knows,maybe it’s just his way on pushing me away subtly after realizing (..Finally!!) that I have feelings 4 him.so maybe I’m 2 late, & so what?of course,I was heart-broken when I heard that he already have someone (which still remains 2 b proven up ’til now wheteher it’s just his imagination or not ^^).so how do I feel about him now?all I know is that I’m happy w/ him,may it be that he’s still single or already taken.I’m just happy that I still have the chance 2 be near him up ’til this moment.don’t know what the future may bring to both of us.all I know now is that I hope everything that had happened 2 me this past 2 yrs is not just wasted for nothing.let’s try 2 look at it from the bright side.maybe God wanted me 2 meet him in the 1st place so that I can move forward w/ my career.coz u c,when I look back @ when before he came,I do feel like that this is my limit & I don’t have 2 move on anywhere.now when I think about it,maybe it all makes sense.coz since the day I meet him,I constantly feel myself being pushed forward,being ‘motivated’, 2 become more than what I was like back then.is this why You sent him to meet me,God?or is this just 1 of Your plan 2 introduce me to my future ‘soul-mate’?well,whatever Your plan is,I realized that it’s for the best & I thank You for everything that You did so far.Insya Allah,this journey will make me happy in the end..& for him,too..or maybe for both of us.. Amin.. 🙂