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making progress ?? maybe.. ^^

Posted on: March 10, 2012

wow,it’s been 3 moths since the last time I updated this blog on my ‘not-so-secret luv mission anymore’ ^^..why not so secret anymore,u wonder?coz by now,almost all the ppl I worked w/ knows that I fancied him,ha3x..u wondered does he still not now about it? nope,he surely knows that I like him by now.what’s going on this last couple of months,u say?well, a lot has happened since the last I blog.a lot of interesting events occurred if I may say so myself 😉 I’ll try to make it not too boring,ok..
after that depressing month of May,I slowly but surely tried to regain back my positive attitude towards the future.sure,everything went as usual.me,working in the ER,handling a lot of patients,ICU/not,co-workers joking about my ‘dangerous aura’ & all..:P in the month of June,the ICU went back on track.there was a new head nurse ‘in town’ 4 the ICU unit.she had about 10yrs experience on it & she was recruited by him.the first couple of weeks there wasn’t any ICU patient 4 her..that’s where all the chaos begins…
u c,she was so enthusiastic 2 let others know what she’s capable of.since there wasn’t any patients 4 her,she ‘indirectly’ search 1 4 herself.she told her friends that if they have a potential ICU patient,they can refer it our hospital coz it’s been vacant 4 a while now. boy,they sure did as she said them 2. my co-worker was the 1st one to experience it.2 times in a row,to be exact!she was so frantic about it.but she wasn’t alone on this.almost all of her ICU staff shared the same feeling.well, long story short,she’s making more enemies in a few weeks since she started 2 work there than any other ppl I knew!does that include me? well,I tend to c the + sides of every ppl I’ve met,including her.as long as she didn’t make anything up about me,I think I can still handle it..
anyway,that’s enough about her.what I’d like 2 tell u is what’s been happening between me & him this few months 🙂 ..
1 day at mid-June perhaps,I was sitting by the nurse station in the ICU as usual,taking care of a patient there.@ that time there was me,a co-worker,& the head nurse.we were discussing (aka gossiping ^^) ’bout him.my co-worker tries to tell the nurse that we both fit 2gether.she then made a comment that she’s also curious about the way he looks at me.she said the way he looked @ me were ‘different’ then when he’s looking at other ppl,which made me blush,of course ^^ .and she already noticed it after only a few weeks, while he still didn’t notice it after 2 yrs!! boy,that sure tells a lot about ppl who don’t know that they’re in luv,while every1 around them could see it w/ their eyes wide shut..ha3x.. 😀 the 3 of us started 2 laughed about it,when suddenly he came into the room.it made us laugh even much more louder than b4,while he’s still wondering what’s going on b4 he came in.of course,we didn’t tell him that we were talking about him just a few seconds ago ^^. after that, we started to bribe him into buying us some snacks.he gave some money to an assistant there & told him 2 buy something 4 us.he came back w/ the food & we sat by the nurse’s counter & started eating it.there was this weird silence in the middle of our conversation where he just looked @ what I was doing.I noticed that he’s been looking @ me & it made me feel nervous.I started to eat the rest of the snack to ease the odd tension.after a few more minutes of conversation,he went back.before he left,my friend asked him 2 hitch a ride back home,as they were on the same route.he told her that he didn’t bring his car otw there coz he’s riding his bike.but she already notice his car keys & told him that he’s lying.the nurse suddenly told him to drove me back home instead.he played dumb & started 2 ask who wants 2 go home.she still insisted him to drove me home instead.I was like,”WTH is going on here?!I’m already embarrassed as I am,u know”.she grabs my friend’s hand & gave him a shout,”doc,u’d better drove dr.eve home instead of dr.c!”. that’s it!!I’m doomed on embarrassment. thank God by the time she said that he already left the room so he didn’t c how my face was flushing red like a tomato ;P the next day when I met my co-worker,she told me that he said that he’ll give me a ride only if I move 2 a place near his instead of where I am now.although I was flattered by his remarks,I just laugh @ her & said that I will if there was some1 who’s willing to ‘give’ me a house there instead of paying the rent by myself.then she said,”I bet he’ll be willing to let u stay @ his place if u want”..wakakakakak..that’ll be the day I keep forward on looking for.. 😀 at least,I thought, he was making a little bit of progress there,hi3x.. 😛
then came in the month of July..it’s my birthday that month & boy did I get a lot of ‘surprises’ that month 😉 on the day of my bday,I was on duty & kinda hope that he’ll just pop-up from nowhere & wished my happy bday or some sort.so,I was a bit ‘edgy’ that day.when he finally did called me that day,it was only to ask about my friend’s number.I was like,”what!!it’s my birthday & all u wanted 2 say is if I have her number?!WTH was that all about?!”.I was trying not 2 get furious w/ him & I asked him whether there was something else that he wanted to say & he just plainly said nope..then all hell breaks lose.. X( all day long I ended up working halfheartedly & almost wanna scream @ anyone who doesn’t agree w/ me or annoys me.but then all I needed was a little bit of patience,coz @ mid-July something ‘interesting’ happened ^_^
on July 16-17th,our hospital is holding an annual family gathering 4 the doctors,& this time we’re going to stay in at a lodge in Garut.I’ve been attending this sort of thing the last 2 yrs & I’m sure not gonna let this year go to waste either 🙂 about a week before the event,an Obgyn asked me whether I’m going or not.I told him I’m going,& then he said,”he’s also going there 2,u know”.I was like,”OMG!does he already knew about us already?”.although I’m pretty sure I knew who the culprit that has been talking about us 😉 I just smiled & said,”so what does that have got 2 do w/ me??”.he just left the room leaving me a teasing smile otw.oh,well.no use in hiding it from him now.
anyway,on the vacation day,I took a ride on a car that was rented by the pharmacy w/ 3 other ppl,a neurologist,a pediatrician & her niece.we didn’t talk a lot about anything otw.I think we all pretended to sleep along the road to avoid talking to each other 😛 anyways,we arrived @ our destination @ about 1600 hrs.some ppl were already there.the 3 of us were taken to each of our lodge,whereas mine were separated far enough from the 2 of them at the back of the villa.my bunk is room number 35,where I stayed on the 2nd floor.it was cozy & I like the view from the balcony 2,over-viewing the pond.since dinner will be served at about 1800 hrs,there’s still enough time to take a rest after the long journey.I took a nice warm bath & got ready 4 dinner.I told my travelling friend before that I’ll be coming over to pick her up 2 dinner.but I also asked a dentist to tell me when she’s going to dinner.
when I finished putting on my make-up,suddenly I heard some guy knocking @ my door,calling my name.I thought that it might be the dentist’s husband who came 2 fetch me 4 dinner..boy,how much wrong that was!!could u guess who’s been knocking @ my door? 😉 yupz,it’s HIM!!when I opened the door,I thought I was in the middle of a dream or something.I never would’ve,ever thought that he’d be the 1 knocking @ my door!if there’s anything like a ‘mini’ heart-attack,then I guess I’m having 1 @ that time. I was so stunned that I couldn’t answer his question when he asked who did I bunk with.instead I asked him,”why are u here?”.he kept asking his question w/o bothering mine.the 2nd time he asked,I was already back to my so called normal mode-on,& told him that I’m all alone.then it’s my turn 2 repeat my question & this time he answered,”my room is next to yours,don’t u notice?that’s why I’m here”.he showed me our names on the front door & I was stunned 4 the 2nd time.I said 2 myself,”Holy shit!how,when,..what the hell happened here?there wasn’t any name on the door when I came by earlier.or I wouldn’t be in this shape if I had known b4 hand”.then he said,”if u don’t mind,I’d like 2 borrow your room 4 my friends here”.then he introduce me to his so called friends,a guy about his age whom he met when he rented a place while he was in college,his daughter,& I think the other 1 was his nephew or something.I could have sworn that he’s eyes were blinking w/ delight when he knew that I was staying next 2 him,hi3x..;) & I guess the same thing goes 2 me 2 ^^..but of course we didn’t have the guts 2 tell each other about it as always,ha8x.. 😀 so,after a little chit-chat,I told him that I’m off to my friends’ bunk to pick her up 4 dinner..aaand,as usual,he said to wait 4 him 4 a while & told me to go there 2gether.I was like,”if only I’d known that u’ll be my neighbour,I wouldn’t have made plans w/ any other ppl,u know.I’d stick 2 u like a glue..;D
I was already late 2 pick up my friend coz apparently,she rang me a couple of times,but I didn’t answer the phone.if she only knew that I was so distracted by my new ‘neighbour’,hi3x..so,we set for dinner,while he went 4 a swim w/ his friends.the dinner party wasn’t so amusing like the last time.in fact,it was so boring to the 3 of us,that we went back to our rooms in spite of all the things that are still happening.dinner wasn’t that good like the last time either.so,we all went off to bed.
as I lay down on my bed,I couldn’t help but feeling.. scared??I wonder why did I feel this way?isn’t this what I’ve been dreaming all this time?able to be near him when the night comes?so why is this sudden feeling of uneasiness surrounding me??I even held my breathe when I heard someone moving next door coz I don’t wanna wake him up.how stupid was that,huh?!paranoid much..ha8x.. 😀
the next day when I woke up,in the end I just had a couple of hours of sleep instead.I listened carefully to check for any sounds from my ‘neighbour’.as soon as I’m pretty sure that there was no one there,I took a bath.even when I was bathing,I was still paranoid.afraid that he’ll suddenly went by my room & saw me in the bathroom naked :p that’s just coz last night he told me that there’s a gap in the bathroom wall where someone could take a peek inside (which isn’t so bad if it’s only him though,ha8x..) 😛
after taking some breakfast, we were given shirts 2 wear for the games that day.I went back to my shack to change.I opened my door as quiet as possible,don’t want my ‘neighbour’ 2 notice that I’m back.as I was changing,I heard the next door being unlocked & someone got in.suddenly I started to panic (which I still wonder up ‘til now why do I have 2 b that panic all of the sudden anyway?).I was facing a dilemma.either I’m getting out now or remain inside until he got out 1st.but then I thought,WTH!why should I be afraid @ him anyway?he didn’t do anything wrong last night,aside from giving me a ‘mini heart-attack’ when I learned that he’s my next-doot neighbour.so I told myself that I can handle this situation easily & I walked out.I tried to lock the door very,very quietly,but the damn door hasn’t been given any oilately,it gave a creek sound.and just as I suspected,he shout out my name.’’hey,is that you?’’,he shouted.’’yeah,it’s me’’,I answered.and just like that,he quickly opened his door,still wearing his biking costume, & started to talk about a lot of things (which is mostly about the ppl in the other hospital,as usual,hi3x..).that morning I was glad that I didn’t make any promises to my friend like last night.so,there I was listening to all his talk about our co-workers @ the other place.during our conversations,he made a call to 1 of his friends asking why he didn’t came.I just stood there like an idiot,just staring @ him,wondering will it be ok if I left him in the middle of his conversation w/ his friend there.but then I thought,that wouldn’t be polite.so,I stared @ him a little more,sometimes pretended to look @ other things.but only 4 a few mere seconds,than I glance back @ him again,hi3x.. ^^ guess,I really enjoyed looking @ him whenever I can.it’s not like I’d get another opportunity like this,u know,get it? *wink,wink.. after he finished talking on the phone,he pick up on our last conversation & started to talk again.as we were talking (aka. he talks,I listen ^^),the Obgyn who likes to joke @ me went by under us.I instinctively drew myself back,just in case he sees me with him.coz if he did sees us 2gether there,that’ll be the talk @ work.of course,almost all the nurses there already notice about ‘us’ being ‘friendly’ like this.but then again,I don’t want any of the doctors there 2 find out about it.anyway,I finally did manage to talk long enough (as long as 15 minutes tops ;P) about my day @ the hospital, & what I like is that he appreciates me.in a way like my dad would praise me if I did something good..well,maybe I’m not thinking of seeing him as my dad.but just maybe I like the way he acted like my dad would use 2 praise me 4 being such a smart girl.OMG,do u know how much I adored him that way ?? ^__^


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