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8 signs he/she is ur soulmate

Posted on: May 20, 2011

Sign 1:
The secret of a lover who can have long-term relationship is to share each other. You and your lover should always help each other, whether it is small problem or huge problem. The most important one is that both of you should always enjoy every lives aspects together. And everything will seem to be fun even without involving others.
So, have you ever felt this? If yes, Congratulations, this means that your lover has a chance to be your soulmate!

Sign 2:
One of the criteria that determine your lover is your soul mate or not is the capability of your lover being comfort in front of you. Now try to pay attention to your lover, His/Her movement, how to dress up, how the hairstyle, how to talk and how to laugh impress who your lover is. Do any words always appear spontaneous or not contrived? If not, (sorry) most likely he/she is not your soul mate.

Sign 3:
There is inner contact that makes both of your heart can always mutual. And if your lover can read each other thoughts and guess each other feeling in some circumstance, Congratulations! Perhaps your lover actually is part of your soul saved…

Sign 4:
Being with your lover makes your feeling relax, comfortable without oppression. Being hours with your lover, each time and everyday does not bore you. This is a sign that both of you will soon be bound each other.

Sign 5:
Your lover was always there for you in any situation. And your lover also can understand your mood in love and grief. Believe it, a pair certainly not be afraid the ebb and flow with time.

Now, remember, remember back.
Is he/she is the first person to come offer assist when you were in sorrow?
Your lover knows your condition when you were in pain….
If yes, do not hesitate. He/She is the one…

Sign 6:
He/She was not concerned with the past of your family,
He/She did not care with your pass when you were with your love one.
He/She is also not diffident to talk about His/Her pass…
So, this means that your lover is ready to accept you as is…

Sign 7:
Each person has a lack of certainty,
And you are not shy to show it to your lover. Even when you look “awful” in front of him, Such when you wake up or when you are ill. And not taken bath for 2 days.

Sign 8:
If you feel your secret is save in your lover’s hand rather than on your best friends’ hand. Or you are no longer keeping any secret from your lover, Then be happy! Because this means you have found your true soul mate!


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