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the month of April ^^

Posted on: April 23, 2011

it’s been awhile…where 2 start ya?? hmmm, let’see..oh yeah, I know!! ^^
u know that I’m having a test this month for PPDS,right? well,it so happens that I chose to be an anesth,which is the same as his line of work,he3x.. πŸ˜‰
..about 3 weeks ago, when I went 2 work replacing a co-worker, I called him as usual 2 report about a patient of his..& after that was finished, as suspected,he asked when will I be having my test.I told him that I’ve already had my psychiatric test 2 days ago.he continued asking questions about it & sometimes giving me some extra advice about it..well,actually he did most of the talking,I just spent most of the time listening,hi3x.. when the phone went dead at first coz of the bad signal there,I tried 2 contact him again coz I know that he hasn’t finished about what he wanted to say & felt rather bad that it seemed like I hung up on him.just when I was about 2 call,he called my cell 1st.it went on like that a couple of times,but the next one I didn’t bother 2 make any attempt 2 call coz he made the call himself,ha8x πŸ˜€ after he’s satisfied, only then that he hung up…& it’s already been an hour since I called 2 report, wakakakakakak.. πŸ˜€
..then 2 weeks ago,when I skip work 4 de written test,my friend told me that he’s constantly looking 4 me that week,asking & wondering when will I go to work,what’s going on w/ my test,etc. I was shocked @ first when I heard it from my co-worker.but then again…it was so kawaiiiii!! ^__^ even she felt weird as 2 why is he so interested about my tests. although, I’m kinda worried that he’ll tell her the truth about my chosen curriculum & messed up the whole surprise.but then again, I think she already kinda figured that out one way or another,he3x.. πŸ˜› @ that time,she told him that the day after that call I was going 2 work @ HK…& u know what? he was so excited 2 hear that!!..wakakakakak..I can imagine how he’d looked & sounded like that day.me & my friend just kept on laughing about it πŸ˜€
..a couple of days later when I was sitting in the ER on Sunday, I heard someone opening the door & looked @ one of the nurses expression that told me that it was another Dr. who came in.moments later, he showed up.it took me by surprise.I know that there’s going 2b an op that day,but didn’t expected him to came & stop by ^^ he asked me enthusiastically about how it all went. I told him truthfully about how difficult the written test was.he just nodded & said,”that hard,huh??hmmm..might as well chose another curriculum then”.I was a bit disappointed at his remark though.I thought he was going 2 give me some support or what…oh,well..not everything is gonna end up in a happy ending,right? after saying that,he went out in a bit of a hurry.not b4 I asked him if he was going to see his patient.u c, at that time I struggled so bad not to follow him,coz I’m still not satisfied w/ his remarks just like that..yet πŸ˜› ..but as usual,I kept my ground & stayed in the ER,which happened that I still have an unfinished patient to check 😦
..the day after that,I accidentally talked 2 him again (using my friends phone that is,hi3x..sorry πŸ˜‰ ). at 1st, it was to tell about his patients condition.but then as usual,he started blabbering about everything else,including asking me about how did my test went again.we went talking on almost half an hour about it,even my friend started to wonder whether we’re ‘satisfied’ chatting just that long,ha8x.. πŸ˜€
..& then there’s yesterday ^^ ..I woke up yesterday after having a dream about him asking me to join him on a trip 4 a week to some beach.but even though it was a dream,I still couldn’t manage to just say yes & give in.instead,I told him that I have to ask my mom first.after that, I woke up.I was like,”OMG!! it’s just a dream! why can’t I be spontaneous & flirty for a bit? have I already missed him that much??” ha8x.. πŸ˜€ since it was a holiday yesterday,so there wasn’t much patient around in the middle of the day.after I finished my round in the ward,I went back to the ER to take a break.when I came in to say hi to my co-worker,I was surprised to see him sitting there talking to one of the nurses there.I do know that there was an op that morning, & I know that he’s still somewhere downstairs coz a surgeon told me so before I went down.I just didn’t expected him to hang around in the ER that day ^^ so I asked him acting all surprised,”what r u doing here?u just finished that SC,haven’t u?”.he said,”yes.there’s no one left back there,so I came here”.at that remark,I thought 2 myself,”what a pity..& now ur looking 4 someone 2 talk too,right?just a few moments b4 praying time,hmmm?”.I wanted to laugh hearing him saying that,coz he seemed so miserable,u know.. πŸ˜€ so I kept him company for a while.while we were talking,the nurse he talked to before got up & went somewhere, leaving only the 2 of us.I felt a little unease,so I quickly scanned the whole place again to see any signs of other ppl in the room.there was another nurse in the room,but she was sleeping..and that’s where I spotted my co-worker sitting in front of the TV w/ a book on his lap.I suspected that he was doing that on purpose coz he didn’t want 2 be bothered by him.I felt a little bit sorry for him,but also happy that I could talk 2 him again w/o anyone bothering,hi3x.. we were interrupted a couple of times coz his phone rang.he said that it was from the other hospital asking him if he can perform a cito op,which he declines coz it’s near praying time.I didn’t asked him who it was or what was that all about,he just told me about it himself ^^ then we chatted for another few minutes before he left to pray. I did manage to asked him whether he’ll be performing an op that evening there.he said,”no way!it’s my friends turn,not mine”.after he said that,I took a mental note & told myself that he’ll be back this evening coz his friends will say that they couldn’t come w/ various reasons.I mean,come on! it’s a long weekend.who wouldn’t wanna go out w/ their family & love ones? since he’s single (or at least,that’s what he claims 2 be ^^ ) & doesn’t have any family nearby,I’m 90% sure that he’ll be back to perform that op,he3x.. πŸ˜‰ although I wasn’t satisfied enough w/ just a few minutes talk,but somethings are just more important than us ppl.so he left me feeling half full & half empty.but I guess that’s better that nothing at all..& God already did answered my dream ‘instantly’, so why do I have to feel down.I should just rejoice & accepted the time that He gave us that day πŸ™‚ ..after that, I figured that after he finished,he’ll just go back straight to work to that place.that’s why after I finished my lunch, I went back upstairs to take a rest there.
.. I woke up that evening & went to the ER again to catch some dinner.my co-worker came into the room & asked me why did we cut short on our ‘date’ earlier πŸ˜‰ I told him that it’s enough for that day.then he said,”oh really??coz he seemed to be looking 4 u back & forth here after he got back,he3x..”.I couldn’t help but smile at his remarks & asked him did he really did that.he said yes.then I told him,”if he really wanted to see me, he could just make a call,u know?”,I said sulking.he just laughed at my remarks. ^^
.. after finished dinner, I asked one of the nurses whether the patient is already on the op room.she said it’s been almost an hour ago the patient went in,accompanied by him.I wasn’t that all surprised when she mentioned his name,coz I did predicted it earlier,he3x..;) so after making sure that the situation is clear in the other wards,I went upstairs & sat on the nurse station near the isolation room where I know the patient who were being operated will be staying for a couple of days..of course,my real intentions was hoping that I could ran across him again..& it did πŸ™‚ when I was sitting there all alone on the counter,he appeared wearing the op suit & saw me sitting there all alone.as I saw him,I pretended to be a little surprised that it was him who showed up that night & not one of his friends πŸ˜‰ he nodded quickly & said that they’ve found a big tumor on the patients colon,& asked whether I wanted to see it.since the wards were all quiet & there’s nothing to do,so I said why not. he showed me to the op room,& I changed my suit first before I went into the op room.


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