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How to Tell if a Guy really likes You

Posted on: March 4, 2011

How to Tell if a Guy really likes You !!

01. He smiles at you a lot.

02. He likes talking to you.

03. He compliments you a lot.

04. He always agrees with you.

05. He asks if you are single.

06. He asks you out for lunch.

07. He asks you out on a date.

08. He knows your zodiac sign.

09. He never burps around you.

10. He really cares about you.

11. He treats you like a lady.

12. He walks you to your door.

13. He wants to see you often.

14. He always wants to hug you.

15. He tells you he likes you.

16. His friends know your name.

17. He introduces you to his mom.

18. He shows up on time on dates.

19. He wants to meet your family.

20. He’s not afraid to touch you.

21. He buys you an expensive gift.

22. He does anything to touch you.

23. He hugs you when he meets you.

24. He worries about how you feel.

25. He acts like a baby around you.

26. He asks your friends about you.

27. He calls just to say goodnight.

28. He knows what perfume you wear.

29. He never takes you for granted.

30. He says “hi” to you constantly.


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