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curious ‘george’ (-_^)

Posted on: February 15, 2011

something ‘interesting’ happened 2 me a couple of days ago..twas kinda cute in a way actually ^^..here’s what happened..
that day,I arrived late 2 work, almost about 2 hours late 2 b exact,he3x 😛 ..as I went by 2 the parking lot,I saw him walking by from the car lot towards me,2 the RS.@ first my thought was,”OMG!plz don’t tell me he has a patient here 2day.I’m so not in the mood for anything involving icu right now”.I slowed down my motor just a little so he can just walk pass-by,hoping that he wouldn’t notice me on it.but unfortunately,that my friend,is even making him look even more curious at my way! XP
after I parked my motor,I caught a glance of him still walking around the parking lot.I took my time very slowly to undo my jacket,helmet,etc..& yet,he’s still wondering near where I park.Aaarrgghh!this guy can sometimes freaks me out,u know.in this case, I don’t want him 2 know that I came late that day, that I’m not an ‘on-time’ person like he is.but on the other hand,I can’t just go while wearing my helmet on & pretend that I didn’t see him.that would seem so odd,even 2 me!
so,in the end,I finally got the courage unzip my jacket,& so on..& all the while,he was still looking @ my direction!when I finally did open my helmet,he finally said,”oh,it’s u then!I’d never thought of that,” & gave a boyish smile.I just grinned back at him & said,”and who do u thought it would b?some pretty girl perhaps?” I tried 2 tease him,but he just smiled instead.he quickly changes the conversation to a much neutral topic like have I been on duty yesterday @ the other RS.I told him I wasn’t & that I’ve just came from home.then he blabbers on why I didn’t send any patients for him again lately & on, & on.when he finally shuts up,all I can only manage 2 ask him was if he had any patients in the icu that day.it turns out that there was a patient,but he said he looks fine enough.with that,I’m a bit relief..but what makes me even more relief was the fact that the day before that,I finally manage 2 wash my motorcycle after it’s been looking ‘pretty’ dirty after a few weeks of raining.fiuuuhhh..!!at least,in the cleanliness department, I still manage 2 set a good score from him,right? ha3x ;P
..oh, and before he left on his motorcycle,he still manage 2 ask me whether I came from work & jkt..my God,that look on his face when he realized that it was me on the bike was priceless enough 4 me ^_^ I guess he still couldn’t believe that I’ve got the guts to ride along jkt-ckrg by motor back & forth. well, it turns out that i’m not as ‘fragile’ as u think I am, honey! wakakakakak.. XDDD .. so,I guess u’ve just discovered & unsolved one of my many ‘secrets’ then,eh? well, I hope u like what ur seeing & makes u wanna know more about me in the future 😉 dang, I just love the feeling of being able 2 surprise him each & every day!! ;D


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