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a lover’s intuition ;P

Posted on: January 14, 2011

yesterday I had such a ‘wonderful’ new year..wanna know what happened?? well, it goes like this..
I was on watch @ the ER yesterday.it all started slow @ first..that is before it strike noon.. πŸ™‚
@ noon,suddenly came a patient who’s experiencing a difficulty 2 breathe severely.he’s an old guy,about 60 yrs.he was having a very hard time to breathe that he was in a state of delirium when he came in. @ first, I thought it had something 2 do with his heart coz his BP is so high.after giving him the basic meds, I quickly started 2 call the internist on-call.after several attempts,I suddenly realized that he was probably praying at that time.I wanted to call him,but he’ll also be praying too,for sure.if only the patient came half an hour earlier,I would’ve contacted him in the OR at a heart-beat,coz I know he was down in the OR at that time.
I took another look at the patient & he was still breathing heavily.I thought 2 myself,”this guy may have 2b intubated a.s.a.p if this keeps on going”.I glance @ my watch & saw that he’d probably already finished praying by that time.so I went into the doc’s dorm 2 get my cellphone.as I walked out the room & was about to dial his number,guess who did I saw coming in the ER??
.. yupz,it was him πŸ˜€ he suddenly came walking in,smiling as he sees me (as usual ^^),& asked,”what happened,va?”.I could have sworn that if there weren’t so many strangers around & was on duty @ a working place,I could have leap into his arms in a heart-beat, or maybe gave him a big-bear hug (..or maybe just a cute little cat hug,hi3x..) πŸ˜› ..it’s just 2 say that I was sooo glad that he came-by w/o being called by me first.one might have thought that it’s coz that’s a ‘lover’s intuition’.. I mean,who knows,right? hi3x.. πŸ™‚ since I didn’t do any of that ‘stuff’, instead I grab his shirt & drag him 2 c the patient first-handed himself. after that,it was all work,work, & work..but it was ‘fun’..in a strange way.. πŸ˜‰


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