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things turned out fine

Posted on: December 10, 2010

nvr thought that I’d evr say this..but boy, am I glad that he didn’t bring any of those ‘stupid’ favor I asked him b4 up when we met yesterday.I’m so glad that we’re still friends after all that 🙂 I really don’t know what I’d say if he did asked me why did I chose 2 call him in the first place.guess that’s his way of being professional..& gentle,perhaps??
u c, when I arrived @ work a couple of days ago, I was kinda agitated 2 know that there’s a patient in the high-care.it means that I had to come in contact w/ him, whether I like it or not.kinda scared @ the thought @ 1st.that’s why I tried anything I can 2 prevent from being in contact w/ him by any means,including calling him for ‘any’ kind of consultation (although it’s not gonna b possible).
so,there i was doing my job.I was sitting on the high-care’s NS when he arrived that night.I wasn’t expecting 2 c him that day like the usual (coz I was kinda being in a ‘confusing state’).but of course,I can’t predict when he’ll stop by..& I certainly DON’T wanna call him just 2 ask when he’ll b coming,so I can pretend that I was busy @ another place & all.no,he had 2 come when I least expected it. thankfully,he seemed unaware that I was being agitated when we met.but I really dunno about that,coz like everyone said,I’m not good @ hiding my own facial expression,he3x 😉 so maybe he already noticed it & tries 2 let me feel ‘comfortable’ again. we ended up talking like the usual, instead of being awkward w/ 1 another..& THANK GOD he didn’t bring up any of those stupid things I asked a week ago!my head was already full of scenarios that I was going 2 say to him if he ever asked about it.instead, we talked & have a few laughs about everything that’s been going around us. pretty much fun too if I may say so,making me feel @ ease 🙂
cute thing happened yesterday when we met again @ the same place,w/ a different patient.I was so busy that day taking care of this patient whose not so well-educated.so busy on explaining back & forth about the risk of not taking an op,that when they finally did do the op,I was so exhausted that my head started to feel heavy @_@ so, I decided 2 sleep early.I spent an hour on bed facing back & forth restless coz my headache seemed 2 get much worse.I decided I had 2 take a medicine after all if I wanna get some rest.the high-care was empty coz the patient was being operated & the nurse left somewhere.I picked up the phone & dialled the ER 2 get me some meds 4 my headache.suddenly I heard the door opened but don’t know who it was yet.I saw a glimpse of a green suit so I thought it was dr.z looking up for the nurse there.instead,he was the one who came-in.I was caught by surprise coz I didn’t expect him 2 b the 1 operating that night.he was also surprise 2 c me too..in a pretty much messed up condition, if I may say so myself 😛 my face was looking pale,so he asked me what’s wrong.I didn’t answer his question,instead I asked him back why is he here & not his friend.they couldn’t make it,he said.then he asked me where is the patient’s status.it’s kinda odd thing 2 ask,coz usually the status was sent in w/ the patient 2 the OR.it’s not like it was his 1st day working there,u know.maybe it’s just an act 2 make up a conversation w/ me 😛 or maybe not. anyway,I told him it should b in the OR’s waiting room.after that,he started talking again.but this time I was so exhausted that I only manage 2 hear parts of what he’d said.he went on blabbering about an hour..but 2 my surprise,suddenly it felt like my head wasn’t so heavy again.the headache’s just..gone..so,does that mean that he’s supposed 2b ‘the med’ that I was looking 4 before?? .. maybe,hi3x 😉 .. guess I’m just not ready 2 let go of him yet.. 😛


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