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De Gossip

Posted on: November 15, 2010

OMG 3x !! i think i know who she was talking about.she’s probably been talking about me.ME! wanna know what happened a few days ago that made me feel like this?well,here’s the scoop..
i was just gossiping w/ a nurse a little while ago.@ first we were talking about some patient,which then quickly been switch to gossiping about the dr’s ;p
so there i was,fluently bringing on the updates,when suddenly it took a direct turn..towards me! She told me that there’s a doc @ this hosp who seems 2 like him.all of the sudden, my heart started pounding faster & faster.which somehow I imagined it managed to make my face red ^^ I don’t know how am I supposed to react @ that time,so I just hid it behind my laugh. @ that moment,i remembered that there’s also a gossip goin’ on ’bout him @ the other hosp,that he has a gf from this hosp.so in order to hide my own embarrassing feelings,I told her about it,he3x.. XP
but she still back-fired me by asking,”doc,I know u know who it is.come on,tell me”.she gave a dubious smile @ me which makes me even more uncomfortable with the situation @ hand.I told her,”well,actually up till now I still don’t know she is.but if u tell me first,then I probably could find about it if I’m on duty there”.she didn’t tell me a thing.I was so suspicious ’bout who’s the one who’s been spreading this rumor that I asked her about it.she didn’t budge.
Aaaaarrrggghhh..!! I don’t know what to say or what to do anymore!! it seems that all of the sudden everything just took the right turn.so why am I being so upset/uptight about it? like yesterday,when I was talking w/ a nurse,who happens 2b close to him,that is.she said that she told him that I said hi to him.I was like,”why in the world did u do that 4?it’s just making me more embarrassed,u know”, I told her.she just laughed & said,”I always told him that whenever he’s trying 2 annoy me ’bout my bf.either it’s from u or her (a colleague of ours)”.
..but that’s not all that annoys me..what’s freakin’ me out the most is that he didn’t get that DAMN message through his head!all he said was that he already got my number.SO..??!!wth is he gonna do with it?? absolutely NOTHING !! Hate that guy!! really,really hate him w/ all my might !! BAKA !!
hix3x..am I that not suitable enough4 him? Grrrr…how I wish I could’ve just told him so many times,just like that..it’s been going on 4 almost 2 yrs now & I still don’t have the slightest idea if he has any feelings 4 me or not.while on the other hand,I’m pretty sure..nah, I guess,I’m ALMOST 100% CERTAIN that he knows ’bout mine.kinda lost my card here,u know..
oh well..since I don’t know what to do anymore, guess I’ll just let my so called friends now do all the ‘mix-matching’ stuff 4 me…& yet, how can I forget ’bout these feelings if whenever I go 2 work everybody seemed 2 tell me about every single thing he did nowadays. ALL the time..as if I could change him somehow..hi3x..
u know,I don’t want him to change.he’s kawai as he is 4 me.I like him just the way he is..well,maybe just a small change here & there would be nice..but guess I can still coupe up w/ it.in any case,that’s the type I fell 4 after all, right ?? ;P


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