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curious much ?? ^^

Posted on: July 29, 2010

..funny..4 a moment there, I thought he’d shown a little bit of affection ^_^ ..actually,this happens a couple weeks ago..
we were having a monthly meeting at the hospital.as always,all dr’s were invited.it was my shift that day,so I had to come,like it or not.since I joined there,he never came to any of this kind of meeting,so I wasn’t hoping he’d come anyway.just before it started,a nurse came & unexpectedly told me that she had contacted him to remind him of the meeting.my heart started to race fast.but then she also said that he didn’t call or send a text back telling if his coming or not.so I assumed it was the last one.
as the meeting started,as i suspected,no sign of him anywhere.it was pretty much boring,so to speak.I was saved from boredom a couple of times, coz’ I was needed in the ER.when I got back the 2nd time after attending a patient,suddenly someone knocked at the meeting room door.when it opens,he came in.I was like,”OMG! he did came after all.” of course, I didn’t say it out loud.but if anybody was paying any attention to my face,I’m sure it’d look much more brighter 😉 ..
as the meeting went on,I just can’t help but taking a quick glance once or twice at him, just to make sure it’s him,in this very same room 😛 I was kinda hoping that he’d look at my way once in awhile,but he didn’t.even if he did,I wouldn’t have noticed it coz’ he sat far enough at the back which I had to stretch my head a little in order to see him.of course,that would be such a big give-away & I wouldn’t want him to have the satisfaction, u know? ;P well,he did look up at me once,but that’s just coz he wanted to drink a glass of water,which were served in front of me.whatever..^^
so,after the meeting ends,I made up a little chat by teasing him how convenient that he came to this meeting after all that day.he just said,”really?it was,was it?”.I left him in a bit hurry at that remark coz I had to catch on another dr. to tell him that there was still a patient whom he hasn’t attended to yet.as I got back to the meeting room,I was hoping that I might catch a glimpse of him again,maybe chat a litle bit more. but I was caught by a colleague who handed me ‘the book’ of patients who were being treated in the ward.I was disappointed at first,knowing that he’d already gone away.but well..surprise,surprise!!..^^
he just came out of the room & saw us talking.he went by us but not without leaving a comment 🙂 he said,”u look like u enjoyed working here very much”,with a teasing smile.I heard him loud & clear,but I just couldn’t let him get away with just that comment..yet ^^ ..so I catch up on him & asked again what he’d said before.he repeated what he said & added that I look much more relaxed there then in the other place.he also said that maybe it’s coz I’ve already found my ‘home’ & that my face were glowing much brighter than ever.as if I’m some kind of a neon lamp,hi3x.. ^^ I couldn’t help but gave a bigger smile & replied back,”u really think so?that’s coz I can talk to anyone here freely.while back there, i’ve got no one to share my thoughts but u.” I don’t know whether he realized my last words or not. I’m just happy coz that means he’s been watching me all this time..yaaayy!! 😀
.. pssstt..and it didn’t stop there either,u know 😉
a few days later,we met again at the other place…and he was still very curious about what made me look very ‘different’ in one place than the other.he’s so damned curious that he asked me twice about it coz I didn’t give him a straight answer at first,hi3x ^_^..
when we were both alone,he asked again,”what made u look so much different when ur on duty here & back there?”. I was caught by surprise with his question.but I pretended that I didn’t know what he was talking about,so I said,”what do u mean?I didn’t feel any different at all.” he wasn’t satisfied with my answer. believe me,I noticed it 😉 he said,”well,it looks like that u have this thing on ur face, that sent a glowing vibe when u were talking to ur friend back there.while here,u always looked like ur stressed out.why is that?”.I can’t help but smile at his question..and maybe a bit blush on my face,if he noticed that is,hi3x ^_^ .. I know my face was getting red-hot,so I said back to him,”wow,maybe that’s just ur imagination.I didn’t know that u’d care that much.I’m really,really touched.and hey,I’m so happy that u did,too”.after saying that,I looked back at him & saw him smiling with a boyish grin on his face.boy, it was sooo cute & adorable ^_^ for a split second there was an awkward silent between us,looking at each other as if trying to digest what had happened there. he quickly manage to talk about other thing to overcome the awkward event..and believe me,I’m so glad that he did that.it’s like something was released from my chest & I felt so relieved.a few moments later,a nurse came by & he stood up from where he sat & went back to the OR.I didn’t want him to leave & end the conversation there yet,but at the same time I was so glad that he did. it’s getting hot in here,hi3x.. ^_^


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