eve winchester’s Blog


Posted on: July 7, 2010

damn it !! why can’t I control this feeling inside ? such a pain in the a** T_T .. how can I say this 2 him ? I’m pretty much sure he already knows how I felt ’bout him.. wish he’d just come straight-forward already. I know he’s also been checking me for the past few months. so what is he waiting 4 now ? I’m tired of playing cat & mouse. if he doesn’t have any feelings at all, then why the sudden change of atmosphere the last time ? it only makes me wondering & hoping. definitely don’t want to be in this situation again..but it’s like I said..just can’t control this feeling..
lately,even people around me started pushing me towards him.not that I’m complaining or anything..honestly,I think I do need some extra push from other people around us.coz if we ARE walking in the same direction, at this pace..I don’t know if we could make it much further.I just hope that this is a ‘sign’ that there’s still hope for us together.. yet .. Amin .. 😉


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