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a favor ;)

Posted on: June 30, 2010

yesterday was the first day at work after that ‘exciting’ vacation. a radiologist who happens to came with us that day came out of the bathroom in the ER while I sat there.we greeted each other as usual.then I started asking her about her day in the hotel.who she came with & how she got home,etc.right in the middle of it,she told me that she met an old friend back on her intern days.he’s anesthesiologist now & she had a great time talking with him (aka flirting,from my point of view ^^).she still doesn’t understand that I already know all the doctors in our hospital,especially the one she’s mentioning now 😉 she still insisted that she knows him well.she told me that he’s a good guy,great to be with,fun,smart,and all sort of praise she could find.she even mentioned that he’s still single!at this point,I wanted to laugh badly enough.but of course I don’t wanna disrespect her,especially when it looks like she’s the one who knows everything.she told me that he also knew her.I can’t stop smiling at this remark 🙂 if I remembered correctly,that night in the car,he told us that she patted him,appeared suddenly out of nowhere,telling him that it’s a coincidence that they met there too.he didn’t knew her AT ALL,but he managed to make a polite conversation out of it.
..I kept listening to her in awe as if I haven’t already knew what she’s talking about.in the middle of our conversation,she suddenly had a plan to play match-maker between him & me.I was like stunned for awhile coz that has never crossed my mind before.I wouldn’t dare even if I wanted to 🙂 she said that we’d be a cute couple & she’s willing to help me too.I tried to answer back,but it seems like all the words just flown away from my brain & I didn’t answer in the end.seeing me like that,she asked whether I want her to pass my regards to him.my brain started to think quickly.if I say yes,she’ll sure do me a big favor.if I said no,she’ll just think that it’s ok for me to do such a thing & still send it to him.so,I just said,”whatever u like,it’s fine”.she asked for my schedule @ HK,in case he didn’t know me.I told her,but I’m pretty much sure that won’t be necessary.he knows me well enough 😛 I didn’t tell her that I went back with him the other day,coz that would really spoil the surprise for her,hi3x ^_^
..after she left,I laughed hard in the ER,even the nurses were all confused.of course, I didn’t want to mention this to them.so I just smiled & went back to the doc’s room. inside,I tried to think clearly about what’s the impact of this action on me & him. one, he would be flattered & tried to confirm to me about it the next time we met & everything turned out fine. two, he’d feel awkward knowing it & started to make some space with me,& that’s what I don’t want to happen.I’ve been catching up on him for too long to loose him just because of some irresponsible gossip from someone.
..and then there’s another dilemma.u c,she’s close with the head committee of HK & she might bring it up to him about it.this guy is such a blabber mouth.he couldn’t keep his mouth shut,even if he wanted to.if this story reaches him,then I’m pretty sure tomorrow when I arrived at work,we’ll be the next laughing stock of the hospital. huff..damn, I forgot all about that. X(
..oh well,once again it’s up to God to decide what happens next in our relationship.hopefully it’ll be a happily ever after like they always say in fairy tales story… ^_^


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