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What Man Really Want from Woman

Posted on: June 12, 2010

1. Men Want To Be Adored

Tell him why you love him so much, often and clearly. Let him know that he is everything to you. Just as you may be his Princess, your man wants to know he’s your Prince.

2. Men Want To Be Consulted

There is no need to pretend you’re stupid, but when you find something your man is knowledgeable or passionate about, let him take the stage. Ask his opinion and let him feel he’s an active part of your decisions and choices.

3. Men Want To Be Trusted
Many of us have been hurt or lied to, but if your man isn’t the one who hurt you, trust him. Go out of your way to give him no reason to doubt you and your own trustworthiness. Let him know you feel safe and secure with

4. Men Want To Feel Sexy

Okay, so it might be an ego stroke, but men like to feel sexy or handsome or fit or fill-in-his-adjective here just as much as women do. You’d never believe how far a few “Do you know how sexy you are to me?” or “You look hot in that!” comments will go for you. They’re like relationship gold and always appreciated. Plus, he will start appreciating and complimenting you more too!

5. Men Want You To Be Their Friend

Many men don’t have the traditional social outlets that women do to discuss their emotions, dreams, and fears. By being his friend first, without judging, you allow him to be a real person with you which will build more trust and love (and even fiery romance) into your relationship. As a result, your entire relationship will become that much stronger.


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