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goosebumps ^^

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Ok, it’s OFFICIAL now !! someone’s been givin’ me the goosebumps this WHOLE ENTIRE DAY !! I mean it !! who’s been givin’ me the goosebumps? Who else’s there ?!
It’s that guy.. @__@
Why he’s givin’ me the goosebumpes u asked ??
It’s coz when I was just about to give up on that guy, then he suddenly decided to make a move. I’m so..oh, I dunno..Happy, sad, anxious, depressed, even mad, all on the same time !! just f***in crazy !!
I mean..here I am sitting,waiting 2 b notice by a guy (who actually knew me for a change!).waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. and I’m startin’ to freakin’ out here !! so, I decided that enough is enough.freakishly enough, he just seems 2 b hangin’ in my mind ever so frequently than the usual lately. I even ‘dreamt’ about him for a couple of days now. how ’bout that? is that some freakish why that my subcobscious wanted to tell me ’bout how much I missed him already? aww, come on!! I gotta get a life here !! definitely gotta get out more, just like a friend prescribes.. šŸ˜›
..come to think of it.. wasn’t it me who started this whole thing 2day? well.. I did kinda ‘reminded’ him ’bout me earlier this morning. I just kinda tag on his post on fb earlier today. dunno if that’s what started it. it’s like the whole day was revolved around him.
u see, from the beginning I started opening my fb, he’s name just keep poppin’ up on my screen. at first, I was like, ok, what a coincidence here. I just had a dream ’bout the guy last night & there he was on my screen all of the sudden. so, I guess he’s not that busy @ the moment. so, I tag on 1 of his app..hey,I happened 2 like the quote!! not coz I missed him..maybe..just a little tiny-winny bit šŸ˜‰ …
anyways, I stayed OL all day (coz it’s my day-off,duh!). strangely, every time I opened up my acc, his name kept poppin’ up.why’s that so strange? well, probably coz he ‘rarely’ does that. I mean, at all..at least, from the moment I knew him. and to sum it up, he even added me to his flixter a few hours ago..not that I’m complaining or anything..it’s just that..well..surprised perhaps ^^ .. I mean, it’s not like we’re that close of a friend.we’re just happenned 2b good colleagues,that’s all. so why am I getting this vibe of uneasiness?? is it coz my hopes are getting up high again? is that it? ..
Aaaaaarrrggghhh!! man, I’m so screwed up this time !! why does he had to come in just when I in the middle of thinking that I should gave up on him for numeruos reasons? is this a good sign or not? God,help me,coz I hope it’s a good one..hix3x..definitely getting tired of this šŸ˜¦


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