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Posted on: November 25, 2009

..tuh kan..jd heboh ”dunia persilatan”..kualat sh nyuekin gw,huehehehehe..lagian,bikin gw BT aj…well, actually,not really like that…
when I was on tour of duty (day 3 to be exact),got stuck w/ a very sick newborn baby.@first i thought,”plz God,let it not be the devil’s kid”. 2 my relief,it wasn’t hers.*phew*..after got past that, I thought again,is he goin’ 2b in charge of the kid?gosh,I sure hope so,hi3x ^_^ but I know so anyways,coz he’s the one nearest to the place.
..anyways..as I entered, I saw her still bagging that baby.she was nice @ the moment after I greeted her.since I don’t know what 2 do,so I just paid attention 2 what she was doing,giving orders & all.@ that moment, I thought, hmmm, this could be a good opportunity for me to learn about newborns, seeing that so far I’ve always ‘neglected’ that part (..which is not good for my future if I still choose to be a pediatrician next year, uh-huh).so I paid extra attention 2 what she was instructing @ that time.
…about 10 minutes after that, he came up. I was happy 2 c him again,but..don’t think the feeling’s mutual 😦 as soon as he came in,he quickly turned his full attention to her, which in my case, it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. it’s just plain normal coz she’s in charge of that baby & he’s just doing his job, while I’m just like a by-stander. she’s the main course & I’m just the side-dish,hix3x T_T
..kinda hate that feeling of being neglected. but as I said b4, I’m just the side-dish…oops..is there a jealousy tone that I detected here?? hmmm, could be ;P ..it should be normal right?? w/ my condition & all =P
..anyways..I quickly tried 2 get back in shape & start paying attention 2 what they were discussing about coz’ I know that night I might not get any sleep @ all seeing that baby’s condition, not 2 mention that she was the doctor in charge..him?? well, I thought he wouldn’t give any big fuss about it. he’ll just go along with whatever she said,except if there’s any emergency.
..not long after that,her ‘other-half’ came in tagging along. I dunno if it’s just my feeling, but I’m almost pretty sure that he was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation.the ‘big-guy’ had an aura of over-protective whenever he was around her. he was quickly token back after he came in. at least that’s how I felt about it. somehow it made me a bit relief.coz I know he wouldn’t dare 2 interveen when he’s around. so slicky of me,hi3x >.< the 'big-guy' asked her to have a late lunch first after this. I tried to get into their relaxing conversation by saying that @ that hour it's called brunch time.of course,they all laughed (that's what I intended 2 anyway,2 break the ice.. LOL). what seems 2 amaze me (a little bit..or proud??) is that he understands what I meant, eventhough he once said that his vocabulary is 'restricted', ha3x ^^
..a few minutes later,I got a call from upstairs which needed my assisstance.so I exit politely & went there.just a few minutes later, I went downstairs again & only saw him with 2 other nurses. he'd just put some pack on the baby & was still monitoring him.he asked about something (asking 2 himself more likely) regarding a baby's vent.that was the 1st time I saw him opening his big book & unsuccessfully found nothing that forced him to asked about it to his friend..hmmm,well, so much 4 mr. know-it-all 😛 he even manage to 2 jump happily like a kid himself after he succeeded @ whatever he did b4, which I thought was cute btw ^_^ LOL
…but that doesn't mean I'd 4gotten how I felt a few minutes earlier. which is weird coz it really bothered me 4 the rest of the day.


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