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what’s in a name

Posted on: October 25, 2009

..yep..think about..what’s in a name?? sure,it reflects your parents wish,hope & dreams for ur future. I already knew that one…but how can a mere mention of someone’s name can wake you up in a middle of a very precious sleeping time?? now there’s a question for u.why am I asking this?well,it happened last night…
…I was just started dozing off about an hour or so after a very sleepy day on duty yesterday. when all of the sudden, I woke up for no apparent reason.@first I thought it’s coz the nurses were talking to loud & it kinda annoyed me a bit. as I tried to get some more sleep, I couldn’t help but heard that they were talking ’bout him..well,not necessarily talking about him.it’s just that they happened to stumble on his pic on the web & we’re discussing whether or not to add as a friend.one of them said no coz he seems ‘scary’.but I didn’t think so..maybe it’s coz I am blind when it comes to him =P …
…anyways..that’s not the point of this whole story. the REAL point was, how come I woke up just at the right time when his name was about to popped up?..huh,even my deep conscience wakes me up in the middle of a very good night sleep just to hear his name out loud..freaky much!! ^^
..oh well, u know what they say?? that’s the way luv goes =)


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