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per uno hora ^^

Posted on: October 20, 2009

..per uno hora..just like an old song that’s been rewritten many, many times since it’s been sung…it really represents ’bout how I felt a couple of days ago. curious why?? well, I’ll tell u why ^_^
…a couple of days ago I went to work as usual.but without being bothered by the fact that I wont be able to see him that day coz’ it’s his day off anyway.so I went upstairs,got into the rest room & met my friend who stayed there the night before. once I got in, I asked him ’bout the situation.he told me that there’s a high-care patient with a moderate head-trauma.at first I just thought,”oh,ok!the doc in charge is nice, so it shouldn’t be a big bother to me”. then he also said that it’s also counts as his patient.at that notion, I could feel my heart skip a beat,”finally! we could get in touch again after a couple of very,very boring weeks for me…yay.” ^^ hiding ’bout how startled I am by that fact, I asked him again why has he been assign to this patient also & he explained why. for awhile, I was smiling at myself…but just then, he dropped a bomb on me..huff.. 😦
…there’s also another patient who needed more attention..yep,u guessed it..it’s HERS..Great, just great !! I may not be able to talk to him at all if she’s a patient like THAT…of all the luck 😦
…after awhile,I started my daily routine visiting the patients.first on the 3rd fl, then don to the 2nd fl. after visiting the kid, I went in to the high-care & took a quick look at his condition & medical record. just a few moment later, one of the nurse told me to report his lab result to him.so I did my job as usual. since I thought he might be @ home or out somewhere by this hour, so I didn’t hope for much to happen.
…as he picked up the phone,I started rambling ’bout the lab result.he suddenly interrupted me & said to just call him to the OR, then hung up.at first, I did as he told.I called the OR, but no one picked it up at first.I tried another number & it was pick up by the nurse there. I asked her whether he was there busy or not.she said that he isn’t busy & is in the rest-room there. and here comes the crazy part…
…I actually went there !! of course, I also brought the report from the lab test with me, as it is still my job (how much more of a good excuse was THAT??!!) ^^ since I rarely been there (..actually, I haven’t gone anywhere near there, except for that 1 time when it was a hectic day for me), so I asked the nurse which way is the rest-room there. she showed me the way..& there he was ^^ he was still talking to the mod, before she turned around & called my name, then he recognized me.I was all acting professional at first.I showed him the results,then he gave his instructions.I was about to leave the room, but suddenly I just had the urge to stay a little while longer. after all, we haven’t met each other for a couple of weeks by then ^^
…actually,we had met a few days earlier when I was on duty that night & he had a job to do also.but that meeting was just for a very,very brief moment.it was on the day of the earthquake pin-point @ Ujungkulon, 6.4 SR,at 5 pm. there was a sudden panic that day on the RS for awhile.but everything was under control after a few minutes & saw the update on the news channel. he passed by when I was writing something while chatting with the nurses there. @ first,he was just passing by & asked if I was on duty while he was about half way running.since I was smiling about something we were talking about before he came, so it doesn’t really looked like that I was smiling ever so happy to see him again after a couple of weeks…nice cover,hi3x ^^ as if I didn’t want the conversation to just end there (of course I didn’t,stupid >..< maybe seeing that I still wanted to chat with him, he asked me to sit around for awhile. he needn't have to ask me twice ;P although I felt just a slight bit guilty 'bout neglecting the patient, but the thought just gone from my head in a mere seconds. coz' he too wasn't rushing me off to pass on the instructions, so I eagerly sat on one side of the bed & he sat down on the other.
…we talked 'bout a lot of things (actually, he did the talking most of the time, as usual, & I was just enjoying listening to him ^^ ). mainly, we were focusing on discussing about my future career. he gave me some tips about where & how to enter the faculty, which made me wonder again 'bout what I wanted & had to do next. by this time, he manage to remember that I wanted to be a pediatrician/skin-care practician. once in a while, I kinda slipped in on the basic info about my family, like from where I came from, my parents whereabouts, stuffs like that. dunno why, but I just felt like telling him about it.we also talked about his past experience & how he became like he was now (a professional, I mean :))
…we were talking about an hour or so…before the stupid phone rang!! he quickly got up just when a nurse came in to tell us that there's a phone call for me.damned!! couldn't pick up a much better time to call _< xixixixixi…
…that night, I told my BFF about it.she said that maybe this could be the start of a good karma for me 🙂 dunno 'bout that, but I sure hope that all is going nicely according to plan. dunno when or how, I just hope that God would grant me this specific wish this time, as He always did for me so far. Amin… =)


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