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what was that about ?

Posted on: September 30, 2009

this episode happens on the first day I got back to work…and it goes like this…
I arrived at work feeling all pumped up excited…and it’s not because I was happy to get back to work,hi3x 😉 I was a bit anxious to meet him yet again ^^ didn’t awanna get my hopes to high actually, but I just can’t help it. by the time I got to the rest room,someone’s already there,a surgeon.I asked him politely about if he has any surgery scheduled for that day. he said there wasn’t any.I was a bit dissapointed at first, knowing that he could already be somewhere else.I just sighed & said to myself,”well,maybe it’s just not my day.if it’s meant to be,than it’s meant to be”.
so, there I was doing my routines on the 2nd fl. All the while still thinking (& hoping) that we could meet up,however that’s possible…& it turns out to be a rewarding one 🙂 I just finished having noodles for dinner with the nurses there, when all of the sudden one of them asked for me to report about something to one of the pediatrician.after I ran over the errands, I was about to write what his instruction was, when suddenly I caught a glimpse of him…yay 😀 I caught him answering his phone in a bit hurry after he saw me & was already smiling towards me (or so at least that’s what I thought happened ^^ ). at first, I tried to turn my face away by pretending I was still busy writing the status. but he was walking so quickly that if I didn’t step in & called him at that time, he might just gone off in seconds without anything to say towards me & I don’t want that 😦 . dunno where I got the courage, but instinctly I just called out to him…& he stopped 🙂 I made the first approach to shake hands, saying what’ve been already said through my text before. I know it’s not necessary, but it just felt…different. I’m not saying this just because it was him, but also for the others (with him being the utmost importance of course…lol ^^ )…anyways, as we shoke hands, I couldn’t help but notice that he was…dunno if it’s just my imagination toying around with me..but he was kinda..blushed??? after saying a few words for a brief second, he walked on again.at that time, I was like, ”come on,get real here!! u got to be kidding me”. I mean, Hello!! what was THAT all about? did I do something wrong then that made him like that? or was it just a ‘freakishly’ coincidence? what do u think happened back there? coz it’s certainly making me crazy all of the sudden. was that supposed to be a good sign or a bad one ? :$
…sure hope that it’s a good sign, meaning maybe…JUST MAYBE..he has feelings 4 me,too?? ^____^
…aaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh, the anticipation is killing me softly …. just get on with it will u? is he still blind or something?? I’m trying my best here to get his attention & all. couldn’t he noticed that by now? hix3x T-T…guess I still have a looooong way to go then…but I hope it’s not gonna be that long now.like my friend said & i quote,” in ur case, it’s just the matter of time now before it all falls on the right path”. thx,girlfriend!! Amin to that…wish me luck… ^_____^


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