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scheme ???

Posted on: September 24, 2009

this happens about a few days ago…
it was the night before we were about to celebrate eid fitri, the end of fasting month, when I just had this crazy idea. u see, as usual,me & my friends all sent messages to each other saying our best wishes, sorries & all, when it suddenly hit me. I was like, say, wouldn’t this be the perfect chance to text him a message (aka. with my number on it ^^ ) ? I thought about it for a few minutes & when I finally reached a conclusion, I was even getting more anxious about tomorrow than before ^^ …
…so, after finished praying the next morning, I quickly sent him the message, adding my name to it @ the end of the text πŸ˜‰ . but before that, I first text it to another colleague, which I happen to have her number, just in case he gets any funny ideas if he asked later, hi3x πŸ˜‰
after it was delivered, I didn’t dare to look at my hp again (dunno why I did it. coz of course, it’s a stupid thing to do). anyways, a few minutes later, I was a bit anxious to see if there’s any messages left unopened…& I saw it!! it was his number. yaaay for me!! πŸ˜€ he replied my text…well, even though he just copy & paste it, then added a word or 2…still… HE REPLIED!! how sweet was that??!! awwwww ^_^ hi3x…
that night I told my friend about what happened,& u know what she said?… she said,& I quote,”…a subtle sign yet direct point”. I guess she’s right ’bout that πŸ™‚ . u c, he did mentioned once / twice, in a certain kind of way, that since he didn’t know how to reach my number, he forgot to tell me about some seminar & stuffs before. so I decided to ‘provide’ it to him exclusively, hi3x πŸ˜‰
…a scheme ??…well, if u put it that way, I guess it does feel like kind of a scheme ^^ I just don’t know how to tell him that I like him, in a way that he’d caught my signals all this time. so I figured, heck, got nothing to loose anyway,so why not give it a shot? u know, be the first to take the step forward & all.after all, it was the best time to do it. I couldn’t imagine any perfect moment to do it than that moment. πŸ™‚
…u see, a week before that, there was a gathering for the staffs @ the hospital on a fasting occasion…but before that…
I just arrived for work & went straight to the icu to check on the patient there.there he was sitting while talking to someone on his phone.I caught his eyes flash towards me, but he didn’t smiled. I thought, ‘ok, maybe he’s having an important conversation on the phone.nothing to worry there’.I took a brief look @ the patient & his records, then took another look at the patient. after awhile, he hung up the phone & went straight towards the patient, checking if everything’s in place (coz he’s about to put a CVP on the old man) & telling the nurses what to do.while all that time in between walking around & talking, he never made any kind of eye contact towards me.heck, he didn’t even give a damn smile like always. although, he was wearing a face-mask,so all I can see is his eyes only, but there’s no spark in it 😦 it all came to me when the nurse told me that a patient from a few days ago had PNT because of a procedure, & was almost caught off guard not knowing about it 2 days later. and to top it off,she had to say that it was all my fault for not telling him immediately.in my self-defense, I told her that ‘technically’ it was my friend’s turn for that night shift, I finished mine. he even made a remark which was clearly is meant for me. knowing how easily I get depressed upon people telling me that I’ve done wrong or not good enough, I guess it looked pretty clearly on my face.there was someone at the door & he asked me who it was. I knew who it was, but it took me awhile to get her name again. and before I could answer, she answered it first. it kinda make an impression that I was so down at the moment, that I didn’t even wanna answer to him (at least,that’s what I thought). a few minutes later, after he finished, he came by me & asked about what medications is the patient’s having at the moment.then he started discussing about adding some treatment & all, back in his teaching manor.after awhile, we were talking about the past incidence that occured a week ago. finally, I managed to make him smiled again (or was it the other way around?? ^^ ). u can’t imagine how relieved I was @ the time πŸ™‚ we even managed to joke around for awhile, before it was time to open fast..hehehe… I told this to my friend (the same one I told before), & she said, & I quote, ”panicdotcom ^^… but really,this guy really need a smack on the head…” by the last part, I asked her what for, but she didn’t make a comment.
…well, that’s my report on the latest events anyways. gotta hit the sack now, coz tomorrow I’ll be going back to my routines again….work, work, work,…& maybe a little flirting in between?? πŸ˜‰ hihihihi…who knows, maybe… if I’m lucky tomorrow ^^ ….c u next time… πŸ˜€


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