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tired yet happy ^^

Posted on: September 7, 2009

a couple of days ago was a very tiring day for me @ work…but still manage to have some wonderful moments though ^^
…and why is that, u say? well, it goes like this…
as usual, I went to work in the morning trying my hardest not to think ’bout how I miss not seeing him a couple of days before @ work. When I arrived @ work, I met a nurse who told that there were a couple of patients in the icu.I was so excited that I gave a huge smile…n maybe a little sparkle in the eyes (if anyone notice ^^).but I don’t think she realized it,coz I made it sound like as if she was joking. then, another one told me that there is in fact a patient in the icu.my heart started pounding happily @ the fact that he was the one taking care of them.but that’s just momentarily.coz after I learned who was the chief in charge, I was a bit jittery.let’s just say that we’re not that…er…close as friends.she snapped me for being not to concern about her patients.she raised her voice & told me to wait for her in the icu. phew, what a way to start your day!!
… eventually, I went there together with my co-worker,who also has been summoned there.of course,I’m a bit scared of what will she says,coz I’ve always hated when people raise their voices @ me,even if it’s for my own good.but thank heaven I was facing this together with my friend,so it gave me a little strength to face her. as we got there, I saw him still wearing his t-shirt,chatting with her while giving order to the others in the room.I’ve never saw the icu that busy before.but thanks to that,she doesn’t seem mad @ all.in fact, she taught us about what’s going on.I was amazed myself about it though,coz she never ever did that to me….but then again,maybe I was just being a little…intimidated by her,that’s all.sure hope this will turn out to be a very good beginning for some new bonding…yeah,we’ll see ’bout that…
…anyways…a few minutes after that, my friend left the room & left me with them.since I’m not used to her presence, I just can’t think of what to say, other than follow her around watching what she was doing.thank God, he’s there to break the silence coz I was beginning to feel odd.they were talking about her education,experience & all, & since I don’t know what it’s like to be a resident (…yet ^^ ), I just listened @ them quietly.sometimes smiled when it sounds funny, even though I still don’t understand what the hell they’re talking about 🙂 …but again, thank God, there’s still an angel left in this world.he sometimes made eye contact @ me while talking or joking ’bout something,while the other didn’t seem to notice @ all. I was like,”wow! how cute was that of him to made me feel like I’m still involved in this conversation”. ^_^ hihihihi…
…after awhile, he got up & continued to do his work again coz he still have an unfinished business to do with the patient,leaving me with her behind.since I still dunno what to talk about,I got up & tried to see what he was doing instead 😉 I’m still curious about how he did what he did anyways, coz I hardly got the chance to see anyone put a cvp on a patient when I was still learning.even after I worked in this hospital, I hardly ever see him did it.coz each time I wanted to,there’s always a call from the ward & I just can’t ignore that,can I ? no matter how bad I wanted to spend a couple of minutes with him in the same room ^^
…anyways…as they were getting ready, suddenly his cellphone rang. since almost everybody got their hands full with something,except me (& her,of course,but he wouldn’t want to be rude & ask her ’bout what he was going to ask next),he asked me to help him get his cell for him. @ first, I was a bit shocked realizing this, coz even though there’s another nurse standing beside him, still handsfree & all, he manage to let me ‘help’ him out. when we were close enough, I asked him where did he put it. he said,”here, it’s in my pants front pocket”. HIS WHAT??!! if it were just another guy, I wouldn’t careless about it.but this one could get tricky ^^…still with a slight disbelief ( & a red face on my half ^_^), I tried to reach in. but before that, she manage to make a joke ’bout it,saying,”be careful where you put ur hand”. my face even got much hotter than before she said that.luckily I manage to regain my cool & said to him as lightly as I can,”I’m very sorry,doc.but if there’s anything happened, I’m not responsible for it.your the one asking for it”. does that count as flirting? well, a friend of mine thought so ^^ xixixi…we didn’t look @ each other as I reach in his pocket.he looked away while I was concentrating not to let myself trembling in front of those other people in the room. that would be most embarrassing. not wanting to stay in an odd situation for long,I quickly manage to grab his cell in a matter of seconds.it was from someone that he didn’t want to accept it @ the time,so he told me to click the busy switch & that was that.. phew, that was new 😉
…after another half an hour or so, she left the room having said & written all the instruction on the patients status.after that, he remained there for another hour.I stayed back coz it’s also in my job description to do so…and the fact that I just don’t wanna miss my moment with him 😛 … it was high noon @ the time. so, I tried to make small talks to him. but apparently, it came out somehow…flirtatious ? I asked him why don’t he just stay & join me for a meal,coz it’s only some hours left before the end of fasting that day.he just smiled & said,”nah! I’m eating out with my friends later”.by that remark, I saw him making signs with one of the nurses which I quickly took as he was going to have a meal with the rest of the icu members. I was a bit jealous at it,so I said,”yaaa…when is going to be my turn then?”. I realized I was jealous at it, coz I said it with my childish tone. like I always do when I want to have things gone my way :P…
…a few moment of silence later, he asked me about my job activities. @ first, he asked his favorite question of all time ( or so I thought 🙂 ).”when do you usually came to work here?”, that was his question. inside I was like,”come on,man! is there nothing else would you rather wanna ask about? it felt like a million times I answered about it too”. but of course I didn’t say it out loud,not wanting to hurt his feeling in any way again. I just answered it politely, & it kept the conversation long enough for us, until he finally left 😦 … *sigh* …
when I told about this to my friend, she says that maybe he’s just being shy, but trying to kept his cool at the same time when I told him about when is our turn to have a meal together.which then made him to asked the same question all over again. I wish it was true, coz come to think of it, that’s just so cute of him to do so ^_^ xixixixixi…
…anyways, I went on the rest of the day working like hell. but with the previous memory in mind, I can’t help but thank God that I came there that day ^^ .. I just hope that this means that I’m getting another step closer to him in a way & vice versa 😉


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