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Science : Sex Appeal (Revealed @ Discovery)

Posted on: August 25, 2009

…just watched the Discovery channel a few hours ago about “the science of sex appeal”.interesting them…very insightful even 🙂
the were discussing about how people from can like each other, fall in love,etc. is it just came from pure physical attractiveness, or are there are many other things that makes a human attracted to another human of the opposite sex.
well…it seems like there are much that involves when a person is attracted to other people, or even fall in love. the first one they tested are the physical attractiveness of a person (do they really have to test this? the results are obvious,you know:)). surely,our eyes are the first thing that came to contact with other beings / things besides ourselves in every day life. it turns out that people who are considered to be beautiful / handsome are the ones who got many invites from other people of the opposite sex.this wasn’t surprising to all of us I think,coz we all know of these things without having the pro’s to show their research.
the 2nd test was about people’s figures. does a person who looks beautiful / handsome to a lot of people always has a good figure? or is there something else involves (such as a person’s occupation,social status,etc) ?
well,this research came out interesting. some of the guys are given a false identity (as to their jobs). the result was that even though you’re not that handsome / beautiful, the opposite will grade you much more higher than those who just depends on their looks alone with not much money in their pocket.this wasn’t so surprising, I think.if it was just for fun or short-term relationship, maybe I’ll take the handsome ones home too,without having to see their pocket 😉 but for a long-term relationship (a.k.a marriage), that’s a whole different thing. the research said that women tend to see men who were safe & stable (financially), no matter how they look like.I agreed with this one,coz as a woman myself, of course I don’t want to have a partner that couldn’t support me (or our family), & leaving me to do all the work,while he lazed around. hmmm, I think that’s why woman sometimes can be misjudged as a ‘material girl’, don’t you think ?? 😉
the next test was about the voice.can a person’s voice makes other more like-able than the others? the volunteers were presented with some voices of the opposite sex in various type of voices.the result was that men tend to like women who has a much higher pitch type of voice, coz they presumed that women with that type of voice were much more sexier (& therefore, much more beautiful).while the women thinks that a man with a much deeper voice were much more sexier (therefore, handsome) than the ones who has a higher tone. hmmm…this is a research I can relate,too. it so happens that the guy I like lately has a much deeper tone of voice than others I’ve met these days,hi3x ;P
anways… the next test was about how a person walks or move. they divided the volunteers to the ones who knew that they were being tested about their sexiness & the ones who doesn’t. as it turns out, the volunteers who were told about what the test was for tends to walks differently then the ones who don’t know.for the men, they tend to broadened their shoulders to show how masculine they are,while the other just let their upper limbs fall relax on the side. for the women, they tend to make their body sway much more than the ones who didn’t knew, as to tell the opposite sex that they’re sexy. in this case, I didn’t specifically notice this when I was walking with him or saw him walked in front of me. hmmm, better pay much more attention then the next time we meet 😉
next is about the scent…thousands of years ago,people may have already knew that a certain scent can make you feel more powerful, attractive to other people. thus,a person can be drawn to you just because you have this specific scent. this type of mating are most common found in the animal world. they used it whenever they wanted to mate. the men are asked to run on a treadmill to produce sweat (odor) as much as they can.after they’ve finished,they put off their clothes and scientists stored it in a different jar each. then the women are being asked which scent that they’re most attracted to.as it turns out,different women chose different type of odor which they feel more attracted to. this means that a specific person produce a specific odor that can only be considered as a mate for a specific person too. besides that, a woman’s cycle turns out to also have a role in defining this type of smell. a woman who were in their ovulation stage or in their cycle has a more sensitive reaction towards smell. therefore,the role of the hormone here (namely estrogen) is quite important.the same goes for men with their hormone (but without the ‘cycle’, of course :D). when they like / feel attracted to someone, they release an amount of testosterone through their smell as to attract the female.
…hmmm, this is also an experience that I can relate too 😉 . a few months ago I didn’t even realized about this.so, when it hit me, I just thought,”man,am I getting animalistic all of the sudden?”. I mean, I’m not supposed to like this guy coz I still don’t know ’bout his status & all.but after he was all freshened up,well..there’s this stupid voice on the back of my head who kept saying things like,”oh wow! he smells awesome,nice,etc”. and this rarely happened to me…moi…well,maybe once or twice.but that’s just it. I didn’t expect much from them.why this one is different than the others according to me? well, let’s continue with what scientists had to say next here 🙂
the next thing they observed was ‘the touch’. when a person touches another person of the opposite gender whom they like, a certain hormone made all their senses much more sensitive towards the other. the men also produces more testosterone added to their odor to attract the female.
so, this means that whether we realized it or not, our bodies were the first ones to noticed these signals all along. but how can a person fall in love? what’s the science behind that?
scientists ran an MRI test on some volunteers who were in love and this is what they’ve found. they explained that there’s a specific part of our brain (in the nucleus caudatus) which produces many hormones, one of them is dopamine, in a specific amount that makes you like the other person. dopamine were also produced when you’re feeling happy or excited about something, such as endorphins. this is what drove you to fall in love.
so,what makes you & me,& all the people around the world to fall in love with a, as they say, ‘special’ someone ? well…all of the above combined together…& faith that there will always be that special person for each one of us in this world. so,don’t give up on hope yet. just try, try & try … & you’ll finally get there ^______^
be seeing you next time… 😀


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