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a sign ???

Posted on: August 16, 2009

’bout 2 days ago, I woke up in the middle of the day by the sound of an incoming message from my cell.I picked it up & see who it was.It was my friend from the hospital. at first,I thought she was about to give me another med check-up job,as usual.lazily,I opened it.it turned out that it wasn’t a job offering at all.she asked when I’d be coming to work.sounds just simple as that?
…nope…there’s something more.she also added that she has something for me from the boss’s wife,a pic.suddenly,I had a rush of blood flowing through my head.was it the pic taken from the other day at the wedding,I thought.as I recall the event back then,she did manage to take a pic of us..meaning me,them,…& him,too πŸ™‚ I got up all excited.wondering which one would she’d given.I was so surprised I could hear my heart thumpin’ even faster & louder.why??
well,this was all very…unexpected event. you see, ’bout a few months back @ the beach, I tried to take a pic of him secretly w/o him noticing,for my own guilty pleasure.but failed miserably.there just weren’t any chance to do it.when there were a chance,I got interrupted so many times that I just forgot about it,thinking what’s the use anyway.
and now…all of the sudden,an opportunity just came out of nowhere. an opportunity to really have a pic of him,w/o having to feel guilty ’bout it. it got me all psych on my way to work πŸ˜‰
after arriving at work, went to the ladies room for awhile to freshened up a bit.there,I met my friend who contacted me earlier that day.after saying hi, she gave me an envelope with my name written on it.she said it was a cute pic. I couldn’t wait to look at it, so I opened it up right there immediately.there’s only 1 pic in it,but that’s enough to satisfy me though.it was a pic taken of all the 7 of us together,including him & me in it. my face turned red & I could feel my heart instantly skipped a bit.this is exactly what I was looking for πŸ˜€ I was so glad that my friend didn’t know about this, not a single clue. ;P aside from that,she also told me that she also had another one stored for him & she was wondering how to give it to him.eventually,she said that maybe she’ll just put it in the OR for him to retrieve it.her remark gave me another boost of adrenaline.I was like,”what?!she gave him,too?for real?”.but of course,I managed to put on a show as if it were just a natural thing to do.on second thought,it’s natural,right?we were in the same pic anyway…
..the rest of the day, I kept wondering whether this was all just a mere ‘weird coincidence’…or was it ‘fate’ that intervened ?? whichever it was,it really,really made my day.it gave me a good boost of energy for work all day.I can’t wait to tell someone about it.I just HAD to tell someone ’bout it πŸ™‚
luckily that night one of my best friends were online,so I chatted with her…for almost 4 hours maybe (including some minor ‘interruptions’.I was working that day,duh…). I did most of the chatting obviously, coz I told her that I’ve got some breaking news ’bout my love-life πŸ™‚ told her about what happened at the party & other stuff concerning him. she was happy to hear that I was happy & sometimes teased about it a bit.
..but from all the things we’ve talked about,there’s one thing that she said bugged me,even up until now. remember the day when he didn’t talk or even look at me just once? well, she said that maybe…probably, he was ‘testing’ me.I was shocked to hear that.I’ve never really thought of it that way.now that she mentioned it, I was like, really? are you sure? coz there’s no way that he could feel that way about me a few months ago.we’ve just met for a couple of times back then.she said that she’d been given the same treatment sometime ago when she was out with someone,before they even dated. and eventually,he mentioned about it to her after they dated πŸ™‚ I was surprised at the thought. could this really be true ? could we be heading the same path here ? who knows ? she also mentioned that there need to be a 3rd party for 2 people to come together in the end.so maybe, just maybe, the boss’s wife acted as the 3rd person here.I kinda agreed with her at that point. I wondered if she noticed me blushing at that time…or maybe that’s just the way she is. you know,for her to give this pic to us & all.although I don’t know for sure whether she also gave it to the other ones.it would be interesting to know if we were the only ones to get it from her.coz that would be totally embarassing for me ^^ … & yet, I’m very thankful & very much in debt to her for doing so, whether she realized it or not πŸ™‚
…aaarrrggghh!!..it’s just given me even more speculations swirling inside my head…but if it were true….wouldn’t it be wonderful ?? πŸ™‚ who knows ? someday maybe, we’ll know…& I hope we really are heading for the same path.I hope it won’t be long now.wish me luck πŸ˜‰ Amin…



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