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an ‘almost’ perfect night out

Posted on: August 10, 2009

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…had an ‘almost’ perfect night tonight…why almost?…

well,it goes like this…

I went to a colleague’s wedding @ Gran Mahakam Hotel tonight.as usual,I went there all by myself.since none of my colleagues lives nearby,I took  a cab there. Otw,I kept hoping that he’ll show up as well.as I was about to enter the ballroom,I took a quick glance inside searching for any familiar faces.quickly,I stumbled on his presence there,standing alongside the boss & his wife. don’t know why,I just suddenly had the urge to make way without them noticing.it was effortless,coz he saw me already.u know,the way he noticed was kinda funny if I may say so.why?

…as I was effortlessly trying to evade them by hiding behind someone in front of me & there’s also a tree between me & them,he kinda make an extra effort to see whose coming.I found it kinda cute,that’s all ^_^ can’t stop myself from smiling…

anyway, after he noticed me,he gave a smile & I think he told the others that I came as well.I smiled back seeing that by now I can’t just go unnoticed,so I joined them.the boss’s wife was the first one I said hi too, coz she is the nearest one standing @ that time.I shook her hand & her husband’s,but not him.now that I realized that,I don’t know why I didn’t shake hands with him…hmmm,come to think of it,maybe I guess it’s coz I already saw him as a good friend,I didn’t do the obvious.eventhough he is still a superior 2 me..in a way…

back to the main story…so,after we shook hands,she asked me an obvious question.about with whom did I came with.I was prepared for this one.I answered it with a little bit of joke.I said,”well,apparently the invitation was meant ONLY for me,so why should I bother to bring anyone else?”.it gave them a chuckle for awhile.then she said that it’s fine.suddenly,out of the blue, he started saying,”it’s OK.I’ll accompany you tonight.We’re here on the same boat anyways.” he said while smiling silly which meant to be a joke, and the others joined in as well.but what was I thinking @ that moment you might ask?…

well,I was shocked beyond beliefs!! that’s how I truely felt inside.there I was hoping,praying,day & night to make him notice me more than just a mere  colleague.and there he was saying out loud that he’s considering to accompany me…I repeat, ME…tonight.even if it was just meant to be a joke.meanwhile,on the outside, I only had a couple of seconds to regain myself & laugh with them,acting as though it was just another silly comment.I even added some spice,asking them if they approved of it.the boss’s wife even said,”you’ve got his approval”. if it were in the comics,there would be a huge bubble on top of my head with a picture of me dancing in circles, shouting,”yes 3x !! I finally hit the jackpot!!”. 😀

after that intro,they continued on their conversations about the hospital products & all.I pretend to took interest in what they’re saying,while along the way,I was only trying to find a way to glance @ him a couple of times without being seen to straight-forward.^^ I just can’t help myself,hi3x…

after some 15 minutes or so,they announced that the bride & the groom were about to enter.after another couple of minutes, they walked in.meanwhile, as I turned my head to where he was standing,@ the back I saw some nurses from the hospital just came by & he was greeting them.there were 5 of them altogether,plus one of their kid.moments later ,I went to join them to say hi.the same question was thrown @ me once again,with who did I came with.I answered it exactly the same as I did before.I shook their hands without knowing why do I have to do so.one of them even said,”hey,why are u all shaking hands?who’s the one having a celebration here?maybe it’s for you & the doctor here,doc”, she said pointing @ me. hearing that,my heart skip a beat.I was caught of guard @ their remarks.but as usual,I manage to put on what’s little dignity I have left & told them in what I hope was a relaxing tone,”come on,guys!don’t u dare start any rumours about it”.I think I still manage to blush at the remark.coz after that,another one said,”aww,come on,doc!!you’re perfect for each other.he’s single,you’re single.you even wear the same color tonight.what else could it be?”.like a cat caught in my tongue,I didn’t manage to answer back.all I did say was,”why you…”, blushing even more.I hope nobody noticed it.^^ I didn’t even notice that we were wearing the same color tonight,until she said that.well,not exactly the same color.just the basic color anyways.he wore a red shirt with squares on it,while I was wearing my fav pink dress.@ that time,I even thought,”hmmm,they could be right”.I wanted to say that it’s because we’ve already agreed on it before,but I just can seem to bring it out of my mouth,even if it was only meant for a joke.don’t know why,but I was kinda…frightened to say it.strange coz days ago when I wore the same color as the groom,I can joke about it freely…but of course, I quickly took it as just some mere happy coincidence. ;P

then it was time to cut the cake.one of the nurse brought a digital camera with her & wanted to take a pic at it.he suddenly came again & asked her to help take the pic.by now, I already know that he’ll be taking not just the main pic,but all of what’s been goin’ on @ the moment.of course,I can’t help but seize the moment too for my own benefit,hi3x ^^ as I suspected,he took some pics of us like crazy,almost forgetting the main event.thank God it was digital,or else I’d feel sorry for her.he took a pic of me & the owner of the camera once.I was so shy that even I pretended that I was looking @ the happy couple & not notice what he was aiming at.that was my 1st stupid move tonight.uc,I should’ve grasp the chance & make it like I was having a fun time being taken a pic that way.instead,I shied away,like I always did when I’m feeling insecure. 😦

after congratulating the happy couple,everyone’s making their way to the food tables. (oh yeah,btw,he already had an ice cream before congratulating them.boy,that guy surely never stop to amaze me one way or the other,hi3x ^_^) . he said something funny when I met him while waiting for the crepes.uc, he was looking…no,I think the word staring is much more preferable in this case.^^ he was staring @ the people who were waiting in line for the crepes.I called him,& after he came by, I told him,”come on,doc!quit staring & get in line if u wanna grab a bite”.in a lively voice,of course.he said that he didn’t wanna wait in a long line,but he joined & kept me company anyways ^_^ he told me how the boss’ were lookin @ him as he ate the spaghetti.I told him,”and why not?.anyone who’d seen the way u eat will also feel how much u enjoyed it.just don’t forget to breathe,doc”.he just laughed at my remarks.when it was my turn,the chef had to cook another one,so we waited for a few more moments.don’t know why,I felt like havin a cold (maybe that’s coz I am freezing,silly^^). he made a joke on it & said,”there,there.no need to cry about it.there you go”. havin’ said that, he went along again.

after that, I was eating something while just chillin’ out with the nurses,when one of them asked where i’d be goin’ home & with whom.I told them that i’d be goin back the same way I came.one of them offered to join them using the grand max from the hospital.I politely refuse their offer,coz we weren’t heading for the same way anyways.just as we were talking on that topic,he came by & joined us.suddenly,one of the nurses interrupted & said,”or maybe you wanna go back with him?”.Once again I was caught by surprise.I don’t know how to react to that.before i could think of any answer, he quickly said,”it’s fine by me.where are you headed anyway?”.and once again,if it were in a comic book,there would be the same bubble pop up on my head like before. he was actually sincerely invited me to join him on the way back.yippi-ka-yay ^___^

…but again fate intervened.I guess  it wasn’t the right time to bring him home with me, coz as soon as I told him my destination,he was taken aback. as I saw his facial expression, it broke my heart.I know he was just being polite & all, wouldn’t even notice how I felt much. but how I really wished that I had a home near the hospital…*sigh* 😦

since I hadn’t had my ice cream yet, i went on searching for one in the ballroom.after I got it,I got back to the other room,searching for a familiar faces (namely him,duuh ^^ ).no sight.so,I just enjoyed my ice in the middle of the room,still looking for a familiar face.at last, he showed up.I called @ him,but I guess he didn’t heard it.but I’m pretty sure he saw me though,clearly even.since I just don’t wanna get my hopes up again,I just pretended that he didn’t hear.but suddenly,a familiar voice from behind asked me where the others are.by now,I recognize that voice by heart.it was him.he came by again.I told him that they were still having another round.now here comes my 2nd stupidity.wait for it…wait for it…& he’s gone.out of the picture.by the time I finished & went on searching for him,he’s nowhere to be seen…why in the world didn’t I asked him to wait for me for awhile?? wasn’t this the opportunity that i’ve been seeking for all this time?why did I ever let it slip through my fingers just like that? hix3x 😦 I just had to 2 forget the reason for coming tonight..*sigh*..is this His way of trying to tell me to take 1 step at a time & not to rush things? dunno ’bout that…an old friend of mine just had to be the one who reminded me of my stupidity.huphhh, wish I could rewind the time…

…nah…gotta move forward.no use of feeling regrets.gotta grasp what I have today for tomorrow is a whole brand new day to start.at least now I know that he’s much more comfortable & relax near me.that’s a good sign,yes?? ganbatte kurosai !!! ^^



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