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Posted on: June 23, 2009

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…had another dream today…a ‘lovely’ one, I might add ^^…

I dreamt that he said he luv me back 🙂 … hope that means that it’ll come true one day and I hope not for long,hi3x ;p…Amin to that…

don’t really remember how the story goes,but that part I remembered by heart clearly.I woke up with my heart beating so fast.I can feel the rush of adrenaline flowing through my body.I loved the sensational feeling 🙂 …makes me kinda wonder how it would feet like when this dream really come through 😉

u know,a few days ago when I was talking with a colleague, a guy, I caught sight of him passing by with the point of my eyes.since my friend was still talking to me, I quickly turned my eyes back at him, coz that’s just not polite to turn around when someone was still talking to you.at that moment, I know for sure he saw me coz I caught his too. I tried to be polite by just giving him a nod,but he didn’t respond.instead,he kept his face firmed.I was a bit shocked by that.  I guess it showed on my face, coz by then, the guy I was talking to took notice that I was looking at someone else behind him. then he turned his head & saw him too.as he saw him,he gave a quick smile & went away to the OR. I wondered, did I do something wrong. what was that all about? it makes me kinda sad that day,with his reception and all. 😦

then, a couple of days later, as I was sitting at the NS,talking with the nurses, he came by and said hi. as one of the icu nurses were there,he started the conversation by asking why is she not standing by inside.then, we talked for about a few minutes. he seems to be in a good mood that day.u know, jokes around & all.

…what was I thinking that day?…well, I was so glad that he’s back to his-self again 🙂 by that time, I thought that the other day he was just under a lot of stress,coz I know that he has a lot operations that day from morning till dawn.so that’s why he was acting kinda off the usual…at least,that’s what I kept reminding to myself over & over…why?…well…very,very deep in my heart, I kinda wanna think that he’s just,maybe just for a little bit tiny-winy,itsy-bitsy bit jealous with my friend the other day,hi3x ;p

… hey,a girl can dream, can I?… 😉



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