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Posted on: June 16, 2009

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yesterday was one of the happiest day  in my life!!! why?? well, it goes like this…

we had a family gathering last weekend (13-14 June ’09),u c.We went to a hotel by the beach,named Sol Marbella Hotel@Anyer.of course,I went there by myself,coz I had an agenda of my own 😉 what’s that u say? of course…it had everything to do with him 🙂

on the first day,I went there early with my friends.it’s about 3 hrs drive from Cikarang the hotel.after we arrived,I went for a swim @ the beach,play some jetski & banana boat with my friends. the party started @7 p.m.we had dinner first,then went on with some contests,bands (feat. dr.Widiatmoko & family + dr.Eddy with his rockin’ style…Rock on,Doc!! :), & some awards. all the time,my eyes went all through the guests table,looking,searching for someone to show up.at last at about an hour or so,he finally came.I noticed him first as he approaches the director’s table who happened to be at the back of mine.so yeah,…I was extremely happy to see him, lol  🙂  don’t care if he noticed me or not,I was just feeling happy & glad.Glad that he really finally did showed up.coz u c, I was a little bit worried that he might change his mind or caught up in something that he couldn’t ignore & decided to cancel his trip.that would make me very disappointed. but there he was, all flesh & blood,shaking hands & talking with other people as he passes them.after that,I just couldn’t kept my eyes away from him.every once & awhile,I tried to steal a quick glance at where he was, what he was doing.u know, the typical high-school type of crush 😉 .several times I was caught looking at his direction by a friends’ mom, who were sitting next to me & himself (at least,that’s what I thought).but I don’t care!!at the very least,he’ll just wonder whether there’s something wrong with his appearance or something like that 😉 hi3x…

the party ended at around 11 p.m.some guests have already left back to their room.I stayed around coz my friends are still up,as they are part of the committee.after a few minutes,he & some people from the other end of the field came & joined us.I was ecstatic!! he sat down right in front of me.OMG!! I could feel my cheeks boiling red hot 🙂 thank God the lights aren’t so bright like before,so I can still manage to keep a cool face. we were offered some more fried fishes (which the men ate them happily,of course).a few minutes later,the head committee started to play matchmaker.at first,he was setting up my friends.after he got bored,he started to tease on him with this girl that I just met that morning.what I can’t stand is…why in the world does he has to be embarrassed?I saw him blushing right in front of my on 2 eyes.OMG!!he looks so cute & adorable, makes me wanna… 😉

but on the other hand,I just can’t stand the way he reacts to her,it makes me wanna puke *sigh*…anyway,after they finished eating,he retired back to his room while I still stayed up coz I heard that there’s goin’ to be an ‘after party’ @ the Sahara 😉 it was kinda fun.but after an hour,my head’s started to feel dizzy coz’ all the smoke & the very,very loud music in the room.so I went back to my room @ about 1.30 a.m.

oh yeah!!there’s one little detail that I forgot to mention.do u remember the phrase ‘sleeping with the enemy’ ?…well,that’s kinda what happened to me.I was put in the same room & the same bed as hers…somehow,I wasn’t very shocked at this.coz’ somehow,whenever I got something good going on,there’s always one small tiny winy down fall that I have to endure with.it’s like God’s way of telling me that if u want something good in ur life,then you would have to earn it hard way.there’s no such thing as the easy way….well,there you have it 😦

…anyway…on the second day,I woke up feeling very happy & all fired-up. there are 2 things that made me feel that way.the first one is that the enemy has left the building,so I won’t have to try & play nice to her all day,plus I’ve got the room all to myself (at least,for a couple of hours).the second one is that I know for sure that I’ll meet him again that day…yay 4 me :D… I finally manage to woke up at 5 a.m. since I have the room all to myself,I had some fun with it. I went to the balcony (oh yeah,I forgot to tell you that I stayed at the top floor,the 8th floor) & watch the scenery.it’s beautiful.I love the smell of the ocean in the morning.I love watching the waves crashes on to the shore…it would all be perfect if only I had someone special to enjoy the view with.with that in mind, as I looked at the beach,I started to day-dreaming again.I wish he & I could enjoy this scenery,walking down the beach side by side…hmmmm, it would be soooo romantic, hi3x 😉  …I don’t know why,but all off the sudden I’ve got the urge to go to the beach as quickly as possible.

after taking a few shots of myself, I decided it’s time to freshened up.half an hour later, my other room-mate called up to remind me that it’s time for breakfast.we got down together with his mom to the place where the committee said is booked for our breakfast.there were no signs of anyone as we arrived.so instead, we decided to take a stroll down the beach first.when we reach at the top of the stairs facing the beach,I caught a glimpse of someone who looked familiar.could it be really him?after we got much closer,I fully recognized the guy.it was him all right.he was talking with one of our colleagues on the beach.I was so excited that I nearly screamed to my friend, begging for him to go down & greet them at the very least.I’m not that comfortable yet with going toawrds them on my own.s,when I saw that my friend finally walked down the stairs,I almost felt like hopping around towards them…of course,I didn’t do it!!it’s just playing in my mind 🙂 …

so,as we came by to greet them,we got into a small chit-chat about the upcoming events.I’ve told them that I’ve experience it first hand & it’s gonna be so much fun.he,particurally, seemed very excited. after that,they went on talking about something they were talking about before we interrupted them. when I realized that i was left alone by my friend,I quickly step away from them coz’ like I said before,not yet felt comfortable with the both of them.of course,it’s another thing if he was all alone 😉 …

I went back upstairs & saw that his mom was still there sitting by the ledger,just on top of where he was chatting. she asked me to join her there while waiting for the others for breakfast.before she even said that,I was thinking of the same thing,too.at least now I have a good excuse to remain there 😉 hi3x… for a few minutes, the same thing happened all over again.I kept throwing quick glances at him whenever it seemed appropriate at the time.of course,if I got caught by him, I just pretended that it was just a coincidence ^_^

a few minutes later,with the tip of my eyes,I saw him answering his cell for awhile, and then started to walk to the stairs. at this point,he was all alone.I don’t wanna get my hopes up to high,but I still remember how happy I was when he stopped by us & chat for awhile (eventhough he was just going to tell us that breakfast is ready & everyone is waiting).he started to ask about something & I answered back.after a few minutes,he asked us again to join for the other.just out of courtesy,I told him whether we wanted to wait for my friend & the guy who he’s been talking with before we go on.my friend’s mom told us that she’ll wait for her son,so that’s left with…who??…yep,just me & him.AWESOME!! there’s no better way of asking him to take a walk with me 🙂 it all falls into the right place at the right time…Sweeeet!!…eventhough it’s not quite what I imagined before (strolling down the beach,etc.)…but at least that’s a start,right??!!…I sure hope it won’t be the last one either ^_^…Amin…

…anyways,…as we walked down to the breakfast lounge,I managed to ask about why he’d came late last night & that I was wondering whether he’d make it or not.as soon as I said that,he made a questionable facial expression, kinda like,’what’s that got anything to do with you?’. I suddenly realized that I’d made a bold remark.by then,I couldn’t take back what I’ve said. but being a good guy as he is,he then said,”really?that late?”.he explained that he was doing a charity event earlier near the hotel’s location,so he made it late.I was a bit glad that we talked about other things after that,coz I don’t want him to feel uneasy. out of curiousity,I asked with whom did he came by.he told me that he came by himself.just before I could get any ideas,he mentioned about whose the woman whom my friend were seen talking to earlier on the beach.of course, I said it was his church pal. he started to joke around saying that he thought it was his gf…& that’s where our little walk ended…how I really wish that I got up much earlier & went down the beach before *sigh*:( ..

after that, we had breakfast @ a reserve place.ate fried rice &a glass of orange juice+ a cup of tea.I kinda wish we’d sat tgether on the same table.but then again,we’re still barely met.so I wasn’t that surprised when he joined my room-mate’s table instead.

after we finished breakfast,my friend invited me to join & play jetski early before everyone else pick a line.so,we quickly made it to the shore & got on the first boat they offered.it was fun…while it last…seconds as we finished our ride,my eyes began to feel sullen.in a matter of minutesit gotten much worse,  swollen red all over till I barely can see anything with my eyes open. i said to myself,”OMG!plz don’t tell me that I’m allergic to the sea water now! just swell!!”.quickly,my friend helped me see the eprson who brought some medicine with him.I don’t care what other people were thinking/saying as they saw me being treated.all I ever thought was,”dammit!!what did I do wrong this time?I don’t wanna just sit there & miss all the fun!!”. as it turns out,I did feel the salty water prick right into my eyes a few moment ago while playing.I guess that’s what made me like that.

…so then,what did I do the rest of the day while everyone was having fun in the water?



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