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that dream

Posted on: May 31, 2009

yesterday evening, i had another dream about you.

don’t remember how it started.I just remembered that I was in my house.there’s me,some nurse i knew,& there’s you.  dunno why,but it feels like I’m burning & sweating all over.you came out from one of the rooms smelling good (probably after a shower).I was already sweating,I wanted to take a shower too,but the nurse got in first.so I was left at the living room alone.then you came by and said something & I said something in return.all of the sudden, you made a sudden move by brushing your hands on my cheek,which instead of being calmed down,it has a reverse effect.it’s making me sweat even more.gross??maybe, but… it’s just shows that how much I missed you ^^ surely,reality is much more fun than just a dream 🙂


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