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wanna shout out loud!!!

Posted on: May 30, 2009

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yesterday,i just wanna shout out loud!!today, I still wanna shout out loud :)…why?

coz’ yesterday I met him again ;)…yay…:D even though it’s just took a few seconds,his smile could surely brighten up my day 🙂

after the incident the last time (that’s making me depressed for awhile), 2 days ago,he finally approved on adding me…ME!!…he3x…I know it’s probably meant nothing for him,but those little things are the ones that can really brighten up ur day.plus yesterday,we met again.just for a moment.and that brief moment is something that’s very special to my heart.

I was just accompanying a specialist while she visited.we were talking for a while and then she continued to wrote her assessment on one of her patient’s status,and that’s when I caught a glimpse of some guy from the corner of my eyes walking along the corridor to where we were sitting that looked like someone I knew.I suddenly have the urge to take another look at who it was.When I did,it was him…God,it’s him again!!…everytime I see you, I feel so in love ^^…yap,not to mention that he also saw me from a far & was already smiling at me.I turned my eyes away for a second,pretending like I was listening to what she says, to take a breathe and look up again.now that he’s much closer to where I was, I smiled back and greeted him like the usual.you know,I had the urge to catch him & talk,even for just a second.but of course,logic comes first before the heart.I was in the middle of something with the specialist and I can’t just abandoned her like that.that would be very rude of me.besides,that’ll cause suspicion & you know how much I hate gossipers.

then last night as I was browsing FB, I kind a took a peak at what he’s been doing recently & check up on his friends list.I found out a couple of things that interest me.First,he has a friend whose name is the same one as the one that I have a crush on way back when I was still @ Fatma hospital.although he doesn’t put his picture on his profile instead, but I’m pretty sure that he’s the same guy.the profile fits.i gasped when I realized the reality.boy,it sure is a small world after all 🙂

the second one is that I found out that he was going to attend a seminar which I’m also attending today.I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline.my cheeks went pink.but of course, reality bites.I got carried away hoping that we’ll meet again twice in two days….but I guess everything has its own time.gotta be patient.don’t get ur hopes too high just to fall down flat again like it did a very,very long time ago.all I can do no is pray that someday,someway,God will show me the way…

just like my friend once told me…”pray, & God will hear you, & you shall receive” …Amin…



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