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Posted on: May 19, 2009

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weird thing happened to me last night (kinda…). It all started 2 days ago…

u c,last weekend, I went on a seminar+workshop about contraception,where we also practice how to put in the IUD.there was this ObGyn who happens to be one of the spokesman earlier,who taught us how to insert the IUD using a phantom.long story short, after the end of the workshop & said our goodbyes,he gave us his number, e-mail,& FB address,just in case if there’s something that we want to consult with.I wrote his FB address & thought why not give it a shot.he seems very nice & sincere anyway.so last night when I logged in my FB,there he was already adding me to his friend’s list.I was pretty surprised at first,but I totally respect that guy.so I agreed to add him to my friend’s list.

afterwards,I wondered whether he also added some of my new friends from the workshop earlier.so I took a look at his friend’s list,wishing that there was someone that I’ve met before that I can add to my list of friends…and there he was…

yap…the same guy i’ve always told u about these past few days.if I were in a cartoon or comic strip,I think my heart’s popped out already 🙂 I just felt like screaming OMG over & over again (not the song title,ok ;))..well, kinda after finished feeling so much enthusiastic over it, I regain my pace & tried to think it all clearly.maybe there’s someone else who happened to have the same name as his.heck,I didn’t know know his real full name!!I just caught a glimpse of his real name on a book he copied left in the intensive care….& that makes me very happy AND relief!! why?? at least,we’re in the same religion…boy,that thought sure made me kinda stressed out for awhile.coz’ if it turned out be different ,I’ll have to kill this feeling ASAP before it causes any collateral damage.which is why THANK GOD is all I can say after knowing this. 🙂

Ok,back to the main story…there he was right in front of my eyes (on my computer,at least).after a deep breathe,I click on the picture to see his profile…& it matches!!!who else could it be??it fits his profile perfectly,just like he said on our earlier encounter.there’s no doubt about it.besides that,he happens to know one of my friends from campus also.that one is still a mystery to me.maybe she’s his sister,relative,or someone he met when they were studying in the same campus together…nevertheless,it kinda made me jealous in a way.sure,this just shows how stupid of me.who the hell am I to him anyway?just a mere colleague,that’s all.but even so…God, I still wish he felt the same way too.*sigh T-T

ok,that’s enough sighing.back to the story…so,next came the big question.do I dare myself to add him?should I or shouldn’t? at first I thought I shouldn’t do it,coz’ then I can’t text stuff such as missing you or something like that.that would be way embarrassing for me…but after a few moment thoughts, I thought,”What the heck?if he thinks of me as a friend and add me,that’ll be great of course.and if he doesn’t,well…at least I tried to get one step closer”.so with that it mind,I added him as my friend…but then,everything went black.what happened you say?

well,the connection went error,so I didn’t know if I already added him or not. freaky much…I don’t know whether this is a sign from heaven that I musn’t rush things through or it just happens to be when it happens.

but once again,with that in mind,I’m pretty sure that God have His own plans in store for me.good & happy ones I hope …Amin… 🙂

with this,the story ends here. I wish u all good night,adieu,& let’s see what life has in stored for me tomorrow.wish me luck!!!…lots of luck…!!!



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