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hectic, but happy day (almost)…

Posted on: May 11, 2009

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yesterday was a very hectic day 4 me.u c,there’re 3 patients in icu (meaning=full), 2 patients needs extra supervision on the 3rd fl,& many others who needed my attention the whole day.how much more hectic can u get??but…there’s always that one good thing came out on top all of that.can u guess??…

Right-o!! we met again,finally ^_^

@ first, I thought ‘oh wow!!so excited’..u know,that sort of stuff. but as I called 2 report the patienets’ conditions,I just felt like…I don’t know how to describe it..it just felt like as it should be.even when he came along, I still felt ‘at ease’ (I think that’s the word I’m looking 4).not like someone whose in luv. @ first I thought,”weird?how come I’m feeling this way now?”.then I thought that maybe it’s because of the situation & condition @ the time where someone’s life is hanging by a thread & I really,really hate to be the one who’s in charge of these situations.the sight of him brings me a very,very great relief @ the time…and boy, I sure did!! 

after finished attending that one,the air is much more relaxed now. we talked about what happened earlier between the others & it’s kinda fun atmosphere (looking @ the circumstances)…until ‘the call’…yap,duty calls!! huph,& they couldn’t pick a much better time than that!! we were just starting to get comfy with each other,hix3x 😦 … but of course, who am I to blame?it’s there in the job prescriptions anyways…

but then,it came to me again..I wasn’t ready to end the conversation there & then.I’ve still got a some things to say…dunno if I can say it,but the point is that I still want to talk…well,I guess it’s not the right time yet.so with a heavy heart,I ran out to see what’s goin on..

it turns out to be another emergency.a patient appears like in a somnolent state & it’s not good.I have to informed the doctor in charge about it.so,as I walked out the patient’s room to call,I had a strange feeling that my prayers have been answered asap.there he was sitting on the chair outside the nurse’s station looking for his already moved patient’s status earlier that morning.by that time,my heart skipped a bit happy for awhile.my face turned to smile a bit (in spite of the situation in front of me).

but first thing’s first..I called the dr. & as soon as she gave me some instructions about it,I told the nurses about it back in the patient’s room.I stayed there for a while to monitor the situation.@ that time I was thinking that this could take much more time than it should & I won’t be able to see him again..at least for a couple of days (if I’m lucky though).after awhile,the patient’s became much stable.I’m so glad he did (really!!).so,I got out of the room & went straight to the nurse’s station once again.there’s no sign of him anywhere.it was just a few minutes ago & I already missed him…T-T

but suddenly,right in front f my eyes,there he was again walking toawrds me (ok,towards the nurse’s station,not to me exactly..*sigh).my spirits were lifted up once again 🙂  after he finished writing on his patient’s status (with a little help from my pen *blushed mode on*;)), we talked 4 a while ’bout what’s goin’ on with the patient’s condition after I called the doctor in charge.we talked whether this one could end up being in icu again.I remember that I was smiling @ something he said,although not quite sure what made me do that….hmm,maybe it was about his remarks about getting that indian lady out or something like that.

anyways…that’s the end of our conversation that day (I thought).it was around 6.30 pm. he said his goodbyes & left.I was this close to ask him if he wouldn’t mind sparing a few more hours until my shift’s end,so we could go home together..but of course,the conscience in me quickly overtook the spontaneous part of me.so I just said goodbye & thanks 4 the help earlier.it was a very,very close call.I dunno what people might think if I said that.there’re some nurses around us & you know how women likes to gossip.a bit relief there maybe.I just thought that it wasn’t the right time yet.it’s all goin’ so fast.I don’t wanna end up being someone that he’s not comfortable to be with now.it’s much too quick for that.

bearing that idea,I’m just glad that we could see each other again.but then something happened…I called him again to report about the lab test.apparently,I caught him @ a bad time,so he was half frustated w/ me calling twice.@ first,I just wanted to shout,”hey!ur not the only 1 exhausted here!if I did something wrong,then everybody will have me for the blame.and I’m not up to that sort of thing right now!!”…

…of course,after a ‘good’ night sleep I could always forget about the things that made me angry last night & look @ it as a ‘lesson’. like maybe he’s really tired & all.he did said that the night before he was still up @ 2 in the morning.there’s a lot of reasons for that…I might as well just remember the  good guy he is…& I thank God everyday that I have the privileged to know a guy like him…hopefully it’ll last forever,this one…Amin… ^_^



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