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best in me

Posted on: May 4, 2009

you bring out the best in me like no one else can do…that’s why I’m by your side…that’s why I love you. ^^

yeah,I do.even in my dreams,you’re there to help me,back-me up in about anything I did…how I wish it’ll also happened to us in the real life too.

whenever I closed my eyes,your always there for me.so close,yet…so far…I know from deep down my heart,that you’ll always be there for me, to help me get through the good & bad times…can I call on you whenever I feel down ? coz’ everytime I see or hear you, it felt like I can do almost anything impossible…to be exact, I feel so very much in love 🙂

a few hours ago, I dreamt that you were visiting me @ my clinic.you just got back from the hospital. we were talking abuot something,when suddenly some lady & her husband came in & ask if I can perform an IUD for her.I tld her yes I can,eventhough it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it how.I told her to wait in the patient’s room while I get ready.you asked me whether I am capable of doing it.I told you I can eventhough I still have doubts & panicked…but there you were,smiling, calm & patiently soothed me with your calming words,helping me get through it.you were wearing your light blue shirt & a black trousers.as I washed my hands,I’m still trembling.but then you approach me,still calming me down…& that’s about it.I woke up after that feeling my heart as if it’s goin to burst of joy & happiness…then again,that’s just an innocent dream 😦

…but one thing I realized is that you are the one that I want to be with. whether it’s a dream or in real life, I just know that you’re the one meant for me.coz’ like I said before, you bring out the best in me that I thought I don’t have it anymore. I pray that God will hear my hearts’ wishes & make it come true…Amin…


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