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…Friday I’m in luv…

Posted on: April 24, 2009

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YES!! IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT &…I’M IN LUV !!! … I think…Oh my GOD!!! I just can’t believe this.I hope this one can last more than just admiring from a far,like I always had all this time …hix3x…he’s smart,intelligent,charming,friendly,caring,(quite) adorable,funny,good-looking,& on top of that…STILL SINGLE & AVAILABLE!! 😀  

I hope this time the feelings are mutual, coz I’m really,really tired of searching,you know.I hope & pray that Allah SWT can give me a sign if this time is the right time.

Someone ACTUALLY pays attention to me…moi… I know he’s just making small talks.but…I just can’t help feeling turned on whenever someone of the opposite sex even cared to pay attention to me 😉

do you know? when he said if I was considering to follow his career footsteps, I was considering another thing.I thought,”no,I’m not considering to be in the same field as him.but I am considering to be his “other half”  lol *lovey-dovey mode-on* 😉

but of course, I wasn’t thinking ’bout that at the time.God,please forgive me if I ever say something flirtatious like that out loud.that’s just not my style.I’m still the conventional type…you know,the type where the guys said it first to the gals.that kind of stuff.call me old-fashioned,but that’s the way I am…which sometimes makes me hate myself for that 😦

Aaaaaaargh !!! there I go again..always thinking way ahead of myself.sometimes it’s a good thing to do so,but now isn’t really the good time to think ’bout that. I’m always like that when I’m in this state of mind 🙂

Let’s just pray together to Allah SWT that this time I get to be with the right one …AND last one…Amin…



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